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Perry Meridian Middle School Reviews

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Lazy faculty equals poor state test scores in social studies, English, and math. Lots of kids being left behind.
I liked the classes and the helpfulness of the teachers along with the community and acceptance. lots of diversity and to s of great people to get to know. large classroom sizes and individualized learning for all academic levels
This school makes it difficult for students of working parents or single parents to keep their child involved in extra curricular activities
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If your child is not an honor student- they go relatively unnoticed
The school always put students' safety first.
Activities such as book club were always fun.
Almost every teacher I had at Perry Meridian Middle School was enthusiastic about the material they were teaching and always made sure every student understood the material. Each teacher had their own teaching style, and they applied many different forms of presenting the information in order for a larger percentage of students to understand. If one student still did not understand, they were sure to help them individually after class so as to not hold back the entire class trying to help just one student.
At this scool. I have never flet threatened, and have always had a sense of security. We haven't had very many security problems. The authorities are very quick to respond to any kind of emergency.
I am involved with the orchestra and the world language club and national honors society. These clubs offer great opportunities such as playing in the orchestra pit for the spring musical and holding criss cultural celebrations. There is definitely something for everyone at the school, which is excelllent.
This school has many immigrants from Burma, a country that is wrapped in a violent Civil War. Our school tries to help give the Burmese students a good education. We have many english language learning programs. Also, the school educates the staff about how to deal with students who are in culture shock, psychologically affected by traumatic experiences, and many other issues. Also, our school hosts many foreign exchange students from a variety of places. I appreciate this aspect of my school.
Many of the teachers incorporate lessons to try and think out of the box. For some of the advanced classes, pushing less memorization and more practical knowledge seems to be more common. I haven't had a teacher that did not know what he/she was teaching.

2 years ago, our only AP Calculus teacher died of cancer during the school year. An algebra and finite teacher, Mr. Allen, volunteered to teach the class for the next year, even though he hadn't had calculus since college. He went to ap teacher training sessions during that summer to prepare to teach the next year's AP Calculus students. That year, 3 times as many ztudents passed the AP exam than they had in other years. This is an example of a Perry Meridian teacher's dedication.
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