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My experience at Perry Meridian High School has been good for the most part. As a student I have had some great teachers and some not so great teachers. I think our school should have more teachers that strive to help you navigate the real world you are about to encounter. I had one teacher that tried to tell us how to act and how to feel and what to do...that's not teaching!! As an athlete I wish that they took the sports side more serious. We don't take pride in our athletics and make the sacrifice to have gyms open and have opportunities for us to work on our craft
I have been attending Perry Meridian High school for three years and I've been in the Perry district for only three years. and since my first year as a freshman the school had so much spirit it was infectious, now our football team didn't win as much as we all would have wanted but the stands were always full of support and full. The schools spirit continued to grow and this year with our new principal it has exceeded previous years and has become one of the best the principal and student officers try to get so many people involved in school and to participate in school events or competitions. our school also put in a new dress code rule, every class has a school color and has to wear a organize lanyard to show your school year and also to enforce safety for the schools students and staff. their teachers are amazing almost all try to help ypou to the best of their ability to succeed.
The school was overall great, I had a great time going to school and this was mainly due to the amount of different classes the school offered. In this school I found one of my main passions which is computer science and due to this high school I am currently enrolled in college.
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Perry Meridian is very diverse in culture and is a great school to not only learn academically but to learn about other cultures as well. WE FLY TOGETHER!!
My high school experience was like no other in perry meridian high school! PMHS has become a very diverse and accepting school with an outstanding school spirit that was sure to move you into the right direction. Clubs, sports, and any after school activity was diverse enough to have anyone included! I’ve had the best experience in this amazing High School!
They have amazing school spirit all around. The teachers, students and the rest of the staff are involved in almost all school activities.
Perry is a high school unlike any other. We are inclusive, welcoming, and most importantly a family.
Perry was one of the best public high school in the United States especially academically. As a former student, I will always be proud of being a falcon.
It's a big school and while you can make many friends sometimes a place so big can seem so lonely. All of the teachers who are there have an active role. They not only care about your grades but they also care about how you are personally doing. you never feel like the day has gone by terrible or boring because once you get into a class with different students or your favorite teacher some how your mood changes. It just haoppens and theres really no way to ecplain it. It's like magic. Perry Meridian High School is a great place to get your diploma and learn a lot about life.
My school made sure that each student felt like they had a home, it made sure that each and every person tried to find their missing link. Perry Meridian High School made my high school experience the best one out there.
It is slowly becoming more and more restricted. A lot of freedom has been taken away from the students. I like the overall school spirit though. I love attending games, and events at my school.
I have been in the Perry since freshman year and have had a wonderful and valuable experience with all my years. Teachers are the best part of Perry, Not only are they very helpful they always make sure you are not falling behind. I have never felt like I was in danger at Perry; their number 1 priority is Safety and it really shows. However the school isn't without its faults. The school does a very borderline job at preparing us for college I've only seen one 45 minute lecture about college at Perry. Not to mention the food can only be described as edible.
My four years I have spent at Perry Meridian have been nothing but the ordinary. Perry Meridian is filled with so much love, so much passion, and so much safety. The staff at Perry is so involved and concerned about the students academic life. They strive use to be the best that we can possible be. The staff and students are so united. We are a family. We are a team. That is shown every single day. I love being a falcon!
Perry Meridian is a great school! They have excellent diversity as well as great programs to help all students grow. The only thing they lack is safety, sports, and food. All three of these the school is working on improving, however it still needs is prominent enough for complaints.
Perry Meridian High Schools amazing school. There are so many different diversity and the school's spirit is excellent. For example, when there is a school event such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, or wrestling, many students come to support their fellow friends and school. Also, when it comes to Halloween dresses up, hallway decoration or donating money or cans, everyone works together and supports to win their own team. I like how everyone makes everyone feel welcomes and make them feel like there is no place like a home of a falcon. I like everything about Perry Meridian High School, its the best school ever.
Perry Meridian High School is a great school! The teachers are very helpful, there is a large diversity of clubs to joing for everyone, the students are kind, and there is a hudge amount of school pride that makes the school enjoyable.
I enjoyed my time at perry. I came from a small private school that the students were accepting to those not in their group. I found at Perry there were lots of new people and friends to meet. I think the facility was great. it was easy to navigate. The teaching staff were very nice and helpful. They would always be there to help if needed and guide students to succeed.
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In Perry Meridian High school is very diverse schools. The are Chin, Burmese, South Korean, Ukrainian and more. The teachers are amazing and want the students to successfully.
They have a nice AP program. Most of the AP teachers are generally very good. Robotics is also very good. I love the diversity. Food and safety should be improved.
Perry Meridian is a diverse, culturally accepting environment. During my four years, I was given many opportunities to become a leader within the school. I was very fortunate to have teachers who valued my education and growth and were there to help me.
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