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Perry-Lecompton High School Reviews

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My overall experience at Perry-Lecompton was a pretty good one. There are some things about it I liked while there are some things I would change. One of the things I liked about it was the option to take college classes while in high school. Our school is connected with Highland Community College which allows us to take some classes there and get some college credit out of the way. One thing I would change however, is the lunches. I believe we should be able to get better food and also get the option to have an open lunch and be able to go get food at other places. I would also like to see more classes available to take.
Ninety percent of teachers here are amazing. The staff is always helping and love chatting with students. The class selection is broad yet minimal st the same time, making hard to choose classes that actually fit into the major you want in college.
A good portion of the staff is great. The small town community allows for good connections between teachers and students. The teachers are always trying to prep their students beyond just the curriculum. If there is any downtime, they also teach life lessons from either their own lives or the lives of their children. The only thing that could be better in this school is the attitude of the community. The community looks down upon the good teachers that are actually doing good for Perry-Lecompton.
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I personally think this school should work on its professional work ethics and such. Like the teachers choose favorites. It depends on if you are athletic or not. If you aren’t you are basically treated like nothing.
Small setting, lots of opportunities, involved teachers. Class sizes are small and you are involved in lots of extracurricular and outside of the classroom learning.
Here at Perr-Lecompton, the teachers really want to see you succeed. We recently appointed a new principal who has changed many of our previous policies for the betterment of his students. Overall, I really enjoyed my four years in high school.
Overall it was pretty good. Unlike many other schools Perry-Lecompton puts academics before sports. If someone is planning to move onto secondary education then Perry is a good school. As someone who is currently in college I can say that Perry-Lecompton has prepared me substantially better than many of my college peers.
I have grown up in the Perry-Lecompton school district all my life and both of my parents have graduated from here. We are known for our academics. Perry-Lecompton High School has the highest ACT test scores in our league. At our high school, we have a positive atmosphere, everyone is very welcoming and makes sure you fit in. Our facilities are some of the best along with our teachers. Our teachers make sure you are accounted for and they care about the well-being of each and every student.
I am experiencing my last year at this high school and I am sad to go. Perry-Lecompton has made me who I am today and that is a hard working honest individual. It has done so from the opurtunities that are provided through out the school. Opurtunities like the vast variety of clubs offered, as well as extracurricular activities. I myself have learned the value of hard work and what it really means to lead a group based upon my role in varsity sports. The only drawback of the school is that in recent years the school board has not taken full responsibility of their actions. Despite the school board the faculty is genuinely passionate for the education of their students.
At Perry-Lecompton the staff is very involved with students lives outside of school. The students are left with very little freedom and are restricted by a large number of strict rules. The school also does hair drug testing at random on their student athletes. Academically the school is fairly advanced but does not have a lot of class options. There is little to no diversity in students at the school. However, due to the small classes it is nice to always be able to receive help when you need it. There is not much school spirit put off by the students. Overall this is an average small farm school but I would not recommend it for anybody.
I feel pretty safe at school, but I do sometimes feel uneasy. I believe bullying is a problem, quite a few people at my school are bullied but teachers or staff members rarely taken care of it. I do not believe that we have a school nurse. I think this school relatively safe, but it definitely could be better.
All extracurricular activities are very good. Everyone always enjoys them.
My first few years at this school were okay. By the time my senior year came around a lot changed. One of our staff members was arrested for inappropriate behavior with a student. The school was broken into by many students, due to a door was left unlocked by janitor. As well as drug testing became a major deal, due the fact we do not have a lot of money in our schools budget.
The teachers are friendly at this school. They are very knowledgeable and are willing to help out the students. Although, not all are consistent on their grading styles. When asked about the grade received, few do not give answer. It is just "That is what you got, you need to take responsibility for it." Some teach at pace that is not ideal for the students. Either too slow or too fast. Most are interested in the students. Most are good at communicating with students.
When bulling happened that school does nothing about it. When someone is having trouble in a class the teachers don't help explain it better. The other students are judgmental and like to be mean to other students.
Get punished for going on a 4-H trip by extra curricular activitie couches
The school takes away clubs and sports that many students are interested in. They spend all of the money on themselves, they spend money of pointless things that they think they need when they don't. They don't spend the money on the students, they spending it on drug and alcohol testing on the students.
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Because Perry is a smaller school, it does not need many of the security features a big school would require.
Perry has many extracurricular activities for the small school that it is. There are not many clubs that are very serious, but the sports are very serious and successful
There are many great parents at Perry Lecompton but also some not so great parents.
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