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Perry High School offered classes that readily prepared me to take concurrent classes and apply to college. The teachers I had the past four years were all very passionate and extremely caring about giving me the opportunity for the best education possible. All the staff was incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout all of my high school experience. I appreciate all of their efforts into preparing me and my peers for our futures.
I didn't like Perry High School as much as my mom did because the people there didn't like me because my morals were different. Although, I don't know anyone who doesn't get made fun of in high school.
A handful of teachers at Perry High School were the best teachers anyone could ask for, but a handful of others made school very difficult for many.
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The one thing that I probably like most about Perry High School is the overwhelmingly friendly, supportive, and helpful staff. The teachers are amazing and you can definitely tell that they care about each and everyone one of us as students. One thing that I would like to see change is the amount of clubs and extra curricular activities we have going on. I personally feel like there is not enough of them.
Perry High School is decent. Some of the teachers care, others don't. The teachers that care if you ask for help will do anything they that can to help you.
Smaller school as Perry's population is around 5,500 but the school is close knit with good parent involvement. Academics could always be improved to be more challenging and prepare students better for college but has low student to teacher ratios.
This school lacks support in all of its activities. Very few teachers actually know what they are doing, and many are not helpful. The dress code requirements are ridiculous. If one person wears a pair of jeans with holes, they get in trouble, but if another wears jeans with holes and they are buddies with the principal, they get away with it. Also, drug tests are only performed on "good" students, so none of the actual drug users get tested.
I like this website, easier to found scholarship and apply. Every Scholarship is list detail and very easy to use. I would recommand to my friend and classmates.
There are plenty of activities and clubs for students to be involved in from arts to athletics.
Most of the teachers know all the students. It is easy to get help. The parents try really hard to make all events memorable.
The teachers are very interested in helping the students, are knowledgeable and most have great communication skills.
I wish I had never gone there. This school is like a prison.
Out of all of the teachers in the school, very few actually take the time to help you when you need it. This place has gotten progressively worse over the past four years. Students aren't allowed to show school spirit in any other form than sitting in the bleachers and clapping (not exaggerating), the teachers are rude, the student population is full of druggies, and only this year have we had a counselor that actually does her job correctly. Let's not forget that the school programs are severely messed up. The programs, besides wrestling and football, in the school are so ridiculously unsupported it's not even funny. There are very few clubs students can join, and the ones that are available basically don't exist due to the lack of activity. I will be ecstatic when I graduate!
This school was good. I believe the teachers could have taught better and informed us more about college things.
Very nice and professional teachers
Overall I think I received a decent education at Perry High School but, I think that I could have received better if some of the teachers cared more. The biggest downfall to Perry High School is that while I was there our administration was strict on some of the things we did spirit wise and so our school became a bit on the unspirited side which made me sad.
The school is very structured and controlled now. The administration has taken away the ability to have fun at school and enjoy school spirited activities. The athletics are very supported and a great thing for students to be involved in.
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It was a great school, but it had the typical small town drama.
I hated going to school here
Not great at AP level
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