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I had a great four years at PHS. The teachers were good and there was a variety of classes. It is well funded and students are taken care of.
With my experience at Perry High School it has been really great. Probably the best thing about the school is the community that because we are so small people are able to get together for any event and have a good time just bonding as a community. Plus the classes given for the school are a nice selection and you have a range of classes to choose from. The only bad thing about the school is the structure of the building, with living in North East Ohio having alot of windows withing the school can make the classes alittle cold. However, it is a beautiful school and I wouldn't change a thing.
Perry High School has an amazing campus with state of the art equipment with very supportive staff. The small number of students at perry makes the experience feel more personalized.
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Excellent academics (offers honors, AP, and college classes on campus), excellent music and art programs, competitive athletic teams, and many clubs.
Overall the school is great. The teachers are very helpful and supportive. They offer a variety of AP classes and CCP classes. Everyone is also very supportive of our sports programs.
Perry High School provided a comfortable and safe learning environment for me for 12 years. The instructors were invested in my life and dedicated to my development and learning. The academics were adequately challenging yet interesting.
Perry High School definitely has the newest updates and technology; however, I didn't believe the teachers were all that good. Only few were actually helpful and fully taught the material. On the upside, Perry did help with your college search and offered great opportunities to take college classes as a high school student.
Perry High School is the best high school I've attended. During my freshman and sophomore year I was at another school. At that school I was bullied not only by students but teachers too just because of the fact that I have a disability. My junior year I decided to move schools. I moved to Perry High School. Over all I've been here for two years now. I am now taking college classes and graduating with honors. I wouldn't be able to do these things without the staff and faulty of Perry High Schoo.
From my five years at Perry High School, I believe I got an amazing education that I didn't think I was going to get anywhere else. Everyone that worked there was very helpful towards my education and helped me become who I am today. I was not only a student in the classroom but I was also a full time athlete and I have learned tremendously. I learned to become a leader and to be able to rely on others and trust them from the situations that we were in on and off the field and court. I highly recommend this high school to any parent who is looking for a successful school to put their kids in.
Perry has a beautiful school and all the new technology. Some of the teachers aren't very good and get off topic easily. I am taking CCP classes and perry didn't do a good job getting us ready for college.
I really enjoyed my time at Perry. There were a few teachers who made the experience less enjoyable at times, but for the most part it was great.
Despite having plenty of personal issues during high school, my education and upbringing in these halls were better than I had a right to and I will forever be thankful for that.
Aside from a few bad apples (as can be expected), the educators at PHS are some of the best a student could as for, going above and beyond and making a point to not just educate but enlighten and nurture their students
So thankful we moved into this school district
I enjoyed Perry. The teachers were nice and really cared about their students.
My overall experience at this school is very positive. I enjoy the teachers and the programs we have here.
There is a wide variety of food, healthy and snack food at my school. The school provides us with the ability to grill food such as wraps and bagels. There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. I know that our school has one of the best lunches around.
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Our teachers do their best to make sure we are in a safe, distraction free learning facility. They are very good at balancing this with fun things such as pep rallies. The set a dress code and try to stick to it but in some cases people end up wearing thinhs that are not school appropriate. Overall, the administration does a great job.
The athletic facilities, coaches, and programs at my school are incredible. The coaches are super supportive and understanding. They work with our schedules for other school activities and for things outside of school such as a job. The facilities at our fitness center are very nice and easy to use. A membership to our fitness center is made very affordable for students and families.
The teachers at my school are very easy to talk to and get along with. They understand that we have a lot of classes and classwork and are very good about not overloading us with projects. If we do have a lot of projects from a specific class, they give us plenty of class time to work on them. My teachers are very good at balancing between being kind and flexible and being strict and not allowing us to become lazy.
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