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I thoroughly enjoy attending Perry High School. I have not only developed lifelong friendships but also gained incredible insight and knowledge from all the amazing teachers that I have had in the past three years. I know my school challenges me and pushes me to be the best I can be not only academically but also as a person. Furthermore, I enjoy the various AP classes that have taught me so much that I can bring into college and use later in life. I am excited yet saddened that this year will be my last but excited to use everything my teachers have given me!
A very small school that lacks the resources for talented individuals. At this school, there is a problem with keeping dedicated administration within the school district which exacerbates the issue of the level of dedication they are really willing to spend for the school. Plus the area is very "clicky," so if your not the local shop owners kid, you're pretty much out of the loop on everything.
The teachers are nice and care about student success, but unfortunately there has been a decline. The school population is dropping each year so the resources in teachers is also dropping. Not to mention that the area is not very progressive so I had some difficulties connecting and being comfortable with my peers. Other than that, I do like access to successful academic extracurriculars, such as science Olympiad, and FRC team.
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I liked that this high school integrated technology into our learning experience. However, I would like to see more people be actually interested in learning while they are there.
The school will help out the special needs kids with things they need to success. Teachers are very good and will help all the kids.
Perry High School is a beautiful hometown school that I have grown to love over the past twelve years. I do wish that the classes offered were more advanced. To this end, I wish we had teachers on the staff that were not only capable but good at teaching tough classes. I do feel safe on this quaint campus. It's the place that I have developed lifetime friends. I have fun playing sports, taking part in homecoming to express school spirit and more importantly, I take pride in my own academics.
I loved Perry, and it was mostly due to the teachers that made a difference. I was a part of drama and science Olympiad, and those are some of my best memories! I learned I wanted to go into a medical career and major in speech pathology because of science Olympiad, and drama helped me become a more open and less shy person.
I liked how the teachers cared about our education. They try their best to help you succeed. Some of the other staff are more worried about their paycheck than our education and I would like to see them more interested in the students.
The school is a small school in a small town. I would say I was not 100% prepared for college but who is. It's an amazing community with so many caring people. I would send my children there and would recommend other people do as well.
Not a lot to be unsafe about, but not many proactive ways of making the place secure
Lots of clubs to do, lots of accepting people, pretty diverse
Lots of class time is wasted on things that could be more productive. Technology sometimes is more distracting than helpful
Most teachers would do anything for their students, especially with lots of low-income students who are struggling
Most the extracurriculars are great! But there are some that are run down, and don't get enough attention
Again, some parents are great, others aren't
There are some teachers who are AMAZING!! But there are some who are close minded and shut everyone (students) down.
Our school health and safety policies meet the standard. Bullying isn't an issue at Perry High School. We don't have an issue with personal safety here, our students don't have tendencies to endanger the environment around them.
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I think that the extracurricular activities offered at Perry are very prevalent, and can lead to very enriching experiences. Participation is low, but I don't think that that's a problem with the extracurriculars, themselves.
I love our school's uniqueness. The school is also the perfect size for me, because I know all the people around me. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over for many reasons, but especially because of how we use technology. We allow for every student in 9th-12th grade to have their own digital device for unlimited learning experiences.
The teachers in the entire district are among the best teachers in the entire country. Our school administrators who hire these teachers definitely know how to pick them. The majority of the teaching styles they have are applicable to the classroom, and I have had a wonderful learning experience from all of our teachers at Perry.
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