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Theres lots of diversity and nice teachers and staff. Some things i would change about our school is going over school shooter safety more. To also cut down the amount of fights we have in our school. Our staff can be told about a fight to happen and the fight still manages to happen.
I love going to Perry High School. It is a school with a very a lot of diversity and it teaches you about the different types of cultures that are out there. It is also a very small school with about 500-600 students total, so you get to know a lot of the students that attend the school. Not only do you become close with a lot of students, but also with the teachers. Classes rarely are bigger then 25 students and with most classes sometimes having less then 10 students.
I loved the diversity of Perry High School. The student body is very proud of the diversity. We were a very tight knit group. If other schools messed with us, we would all band together and defend our school. Of course, every school will have issues with bullying, but often you would see a student standing up for another being picked on. School spirit was our foundation.

I would like to see the attitude of some of the teachers change. Some teachers were extremely dedicated to the education of their students, but others openly stated that they were just teaching to be a sports coach. It was disappointing to hear that. But majority of the faculty at Perry High cared deeply for their students.
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The only thing I liked about this school is the teachers who tried to make a difference. There were very few who were connectable and seemed like they truly cared. The school needs to work on focusing on its students instead of its reputation.
Very diverse, I was always meeting new people from many diffrent cultures. Typical high school, crappy lunch, teachers focused too much on troubled kids. Bad enviorment a lot of underclassmen getting into trouble at a young age. Many teen pregancies and a few drop outs. Overall Perry isn't close to a great school but I have seen worse. Also a lot less challenging than other schools.
I love Perry Schools because we have so much diversity. I do wish there was more support as in mental health and family issues. Our school is very good at being one though. We are one big family.
It was a great experience for my last year. Senior 2016. Knowing all the teachers would help and diversity if students to experience something different Than from what I was used to.
I like that they are here to help us with everything and there is always a councilor there to talk to the students when needed. We always have teachers trying to help us improve, or just to help us in general. I like to see changes is maybe make it easier to get some help with homework from teachers during the school day.
This school is a very diverse school in a small community where everybody knows everybody. It's a good school and a close community. They come together in times of need
I really loved going to school here. I grew up in the town so everything was already familiar to me. Our school is very diverse in race and social background which has taught me a lot. I believe Perry offers lots of ways to get involved academically, or in sports or the arts.
This school is very diverse. The two main ethnic groups are white and latino being split at about 50/50. Going to a school this diverse will help in the real world so that we are not afraid of people that are different and help us be less judgemental. But, the teachers are bad. I can count on one hand the amount of good teachers in this school. The rest are not good at delivering the education and material of their subject. A lot of the teachers here chose to be a teacher as their fall back plan. The athletics are not too bad, we are awful at football and volleyball, decent softball, track and baseball, good at basketball and wrestling, and very good at soccer.
the safety at our school makes us seem safe, we have a police officer walking around just to make things sure are safe we have security cameras and we also have the no tolerance bullying here. Our nurses are very skilled and know when something is wrong and if we have a prescriptive drug we have to keep it in their office so we don't have it in our possession for other kids don't use it.
Our top extracurricular activities that we have are GSA with his gay-straight alliance group were kids can go to talk with others and make them feel like they fit in at school. We also have an activity called jukebox were kids can go and they will sing and compete with other in front of an audience. they are lots of activities for students to join and get active with.
My school can be a fun experience because of the activities we do such as game day were all the students get involved that don't usually get involved in things and all the students compete with the upper classes.We also have a day were we go out into our community and volunteer all over helping and cleaning up our community. I especially like that day because that a day we come together as a school an community to make it look nice. If I could it life all over again I wouldn't choose a different school because i have grown um here since I was 4 and they way the teachers share a relation with their students is un-explainable. Even though it might not be the best school from other peoples perspective view. to me it is defiantly a great experience.
Teachers at Perry High School are very active and engaged with students. They trying different techniques to students such as having them move around, or teaching students with things that they will know they will learn faster. When they see a student struggling they always go help them or ask the student to stay after class so they can teach them aside from other students. Not only are teachers great a helping students understand but they also care about their grades and make sure they are on top of things. If anyone were to go to our school today and see how the teachers see you would be able to see how most students get along with the teachers and are open when helping a student out.
I'm not really familiar with the specifics
have been very please with teachers
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good as far as I am aware
Some teachers try to give engaging lessons, while others just give packets and worksheets.
We have a good school, manners need to be taught.
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