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I go to perry high school since last three years and absolutely love this school. We are really good in Academics and there are other activities too. The teachers and staff are so hard working and they always there for you.
Perry High School was the best school in my county. The teachers cared and were very passionate about there job and the role that they played in each students life. I still keep in contact with some of my teachers even after graduating years ago. The resources were always available and I always felt safe. All staff went above and beyond for every student. Sports was a big deal when I was in school, every player gave each practice and game there all. Some sports couldn't always get the win during the game but all coaches made sure the players knew that they were proud of them. I'm proud to be a former Perry Panther.
I loved how involved the staff got with their kids and how they were constantly changing their techniques to best fit each student. All the fine arts staff gave the student body plenty of opportunities to get involved and try new things. The athletic department is what the majority of the money is spent on so that is one thing I would change. The school should try and spread out the money spent not just on the athletic department. The administration staff is excellent. They are always on top of things and very caring. They are organized and always do their best to keep the their school safe.
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I graduated from Perry High School in 2014. The principal, Dr. Albritton, was very friendly and helpful. However, since I have a disability, certain faculty would stop me from doing certain things, for fear that I would get hurt. All in all, though, I received a good education at Perry High School, and liked most of the faculty and staff.
While attending Perry High i grew close to the student and teachers who inspire me most. They didn’t just teach me how to solve an algebraic equation but they also have shown me how to behave in situations. Our schools AFJROTC program has also given me a respect for our country’s military and taught me leadership skills that I will be able to use in the future. I pride myself in being a proud panther.
My experience was fantastic. I moved there my freshman year and didn't know anyone but they welcomed me like I was family. My years at Perry has allowed me to come out of my shell some and has made me more outgoing. Of course everything is in need of some changes, and I believe that the food in the lunch room could be healthier or of more variety.
My experience at Perry High School was amazing. My teachers really put forward an effect to teach and help their students understand the process of the information given. The teachers also helped students with getting into excellent colleges and universities of the student choice. I wouldn't change anything about the school, because they really show that they care about their students careers.
Perry high is almost like any other average high school. It's not much a greta place to try and make friends. Because of where the school is located and the type of people that live around the school effects the region and ranking of the school. Its not a school that anyone would most likely be recommended too in Houston county. The teachers and staff is fair, but i believe it could definitely be better!
Perry HS is a great school and has a welcoming environment. There are plenty of sports & extra curricular activities that are easy to get involved with.
Perry High School is a remarkable and trustworthy school. At Perry, everyone is like family. Teachers and the staff are very helpful and encouraging. The four years I've spent at Perry have molded me today. The experiences have taught me to never give up and always follow the 5 P's: productive, prompt, polite, positive, and prepared. My anatomy teacher tells us everyday that if you follow the 5 P's in everything that you do success will always follow you.
Perry High school is a great school. It has teachers and staff that will help you at all cost. A change I would like to see would be better security. With so many school shootings happening it would be reassuring to know students are safe.
The best part of Perry High School is the teachers. The teachers take the time to be personally involved in the lives of their students. The teachers genuinely care for the success of their students in the classroom and outside the classroom.
Over a 4 year span I’ve been attending this school and have no bad things to say about Perry High School.
Perry high school was an amazing experience that I wish I could get back. It was a mix school that had many different ethnicities rather that one or two. The school held their school at a high expectation academically and behavior wise. I appreciate how helpful this school was on preferring me for college and giving me a head start towards a successful future. Other than on an academic state since my high school was the only one in the city it brought many races together to show that no one is different. What I wish would change is the athleticism exposer, my senior class have many students who truly deserved to be at a top-notch school but because of the poor expose not to many made it.
Perry high school is definitely a good school, and personally I have enjoyed all three of my years there. I love the staff, who are very good with dealing with the issues at hand, and helping the children. The various ethnicity that are at the school bring diversity, and the backgrounds of each child mix into a culture unique to PHS.
My experience at Perry High School, as a student would be that each day is something different. The school pushes you to the best of your ability .
Perry High school is one of the best schools I have attended. Perry High is a place I can call home. Everyone there is caring and loving of each other. Many schools have problems with bullying but not this one. I am always welcomed there. Perry High School is a safe environment for learning. I would probably add more variety of sports, and food as well.
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Perry High is quite enjoyable. The atmosphere here is tremendous. It would be nice to see the administration to enforce the dress code on everyone equally, though.
It’s a great school for Acedemics and extracurricular activities. It offers so many things. Whenever I walk in the school, there is never a time I wonder what other school I could be going to. The teachers are great,the staff is excellent. The cousenlors are there to help whenever needed, and have many acedemic opportunities out there provided by Perry High.
I love this school so much. They really pay attention to the arts programs, which i am heavily invested in, and makes sure that they get just as much attention as the clubs and sports get and that’s something that’s really important to me. It’s a small school but it feels big because of the immense amount of school spirit we all have.
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