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I like the variety of programs students can get involved in because it exposes you to potential careers and helps you decide what you like and don't like.
Perry school is nice we just need more people of color. The students are pretty nice and we have a lot of sports and club options. Food is not terrible it’s decent.
Although I believe I received a decent education in this school, my experience was not great because most of the faculty did not seem to really care about the well-being of the students. The administration only cared about the school's outward appearance to neighboring communities, therefore only attending sporting events and highly regarding the students in this programs. They did not care nearly as much about arts programs (of which I was part). They also expect you to do everything regarding your future on your own, which to some extent I agree with, but when a student comes to them with questions about college or scholarships, most counselors say something to the effect of "figure it out on your own."
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The high school as a whole is a good place and there are many things to do with the activities that are available. It is sometimes hard to get involved if you do not know the right people or didn't start involvement until later in your high school career.
I love Perry High School. I have been in the Perry school district since 3rd grade and I am always so thankful that I moved here. I have been able to challenge myself here and get ready for college. Not only was I given a great education, but I have met some of the best people who will be my friends forever.
My experience with Perry High School was very good. I was involved in some clubs and was in a sport. The teachers and principles made sure everyone was safe and comfortable in the educational environment.
My experience at Perry High School has been absolutely outstanding. The staff and faculty are always willing to help the students out no matter the challenge. It's amazing how fast the school can come together and help out the community. The falculty and staff makes sure the students are safe from harm whether the problem is small or large. Thanks to Perry I have gained a vast amount of knowledge to help myself now and further down the road. Overall, there's no other school that I would rather go to because I'm proud to be a Panther.
I love the atmosphere at Perry and a lot of the teachers are so caring. I feel as though when it comes to challenging yourself as a learner, the staff does not try to push you and support you with this. I think there needs to be more support from teachers to allow students to take any class no matter how hard it is, if that student truly wants to learn more and challenge themselves.
Great academics and offers multiple AP and CCP classes. The teachers get to know students and work with them when help is needed. There is also career technical classes to aid students in their understanding of careers in engineering.
The dress code is ridiculous, beards are not allowed along with other things that don't make the students look repugnant.
Bullying does happen and more often than not, nothing happens about it.
The teachers that I had were all excellent but there are some teachers who could do better.
There are some clubs and sports. I think that most people can fit in somewhere
I wasn't as prepared as I'd like to be
Some are very wrong. A gay male got in trouble bc of wearing women's clothing and i feel it wouldve been better to have let it go.
It is ok but could improve
Some teachers are to easy and you dont learn and some are to hard and go beyond curriculum and you cant learn
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After graduation was great. I got accepted to college and am considering the military. I felt very prepared for college after being in the Med Tech Program.
We had bully surveys every nine weeks, but no one ever admitted that someone got bullied. The administration never got notified if bullying was occurring. And if they were they didn't do much about it unless there was more than one complaint.
The weight room isn't open for students who have free time and want to workout. It is only open for gym classes and the sports teams.
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