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I love it here! It is one of the best schools in Lima. Perry high school is ranked one the best public school in Lima and it is a great school. One with a lot of diversity and it is good academicly.
My school isn't your average High School, we are a family and we never let anyone get left behind. It's hard to say that far a lot of schools but for mine it is was true because we are such a small school for example I have 70 people in my graduating class and were the largest graduating class. Since were a family everyone cares about what everyone is going through and seeing how we can help, for example a student got cancer and everyone did everything they could to make things easier for the family which could have been expenses or just support. One thing I think needs changed at Perry High School is the heating and cooling systems because this winter we have froze together but it mad us a closer family.
I've been going to Perry since the 6th grade. The elementary building is brand new, and has amazing facilities. The high school was built in 1959, so the building is worn and old. The school is small, so teachers are able to help students individually. So far, my experience at Perry has been positive, and I have been able to meet and connect with the administration and staff.
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Perry's academics are much better than the schools I went to before
I did not participate in any due to working a job.
I attended this school only for high school so I don't know much about it, but it was okay
The classes were okay I had some good and some bad teachers.
Again, they preach about how wonderful they are only to sweep bad press under the table and hope or push it on to society.

The execution is the worst.
They cater to the basic in crowd things or popular activities. Let's say you enjoy the outdoors. They look at you like your a pioneer.
I would not send my kids there. Perry preaches,pride,excellenence, and tradition. That only applies to the select few. The rest of us. Let's just say it was a punch line to a bad joke

The thing that bothered me the most about this place was how they would actually concerned about bullying situations. They would sweep it under the rug,so to speak, and push the problem through the system til he or she became societies problem.
There were a few that did go above and beyond. However, the majority just treated it like a job. Teaching is a calling that should be used to reach all students in the conventional and nonconventional approach.

Most of them taught one way and you just better get it. If not,to bad so sad!
I loved that the school was not so big. I feel that helped prepare me because I got a lot of one on one attention over my years there.
I got to know my teachers very well. It is a small school with only approximately 150 students in each grade. All of my teachers were very approachable and really cared about me being succesful.
We have the typical highscool lineup.

Football is all they really care about. Its when football that other extra curricular activities are talked about. Even then, its mainly just announcements of what they did. No one really cares enough to give them more time.
Nothing at this school ever screams "Go here". Teachers, subjects, school lunches, everything really range from good to bad. If it wasn't for the fact that everything at the school is affordable and I'd met so many great people there, I wouldn't want to go to just an average school over our neighbors which excel in certain aspects.
Teachers range from interactive and nice to cold and distant. Some teachers never show up for class while other never miss a day because of a commitment to their students.
Coming from the honors program through the school, I can say that many teachers that I have had personally are very high quality people who give engaging lessons and work hard to go above and beyond what is expected of them.
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There are many types of clubs and organizations. They are available to a wide range of students with a wide range of students. They don't always make them the most known, but usually you are able to join late.
Perry is a very good school, and one of the things that makes it unique is the fact that it isn't solely focused on sports or on the arts individually. There is good funding and support of all activities from athletics to JROTC to band/choir and theater.
I have had pretty good teachers over my four years. They are all very knowledgeable. They all know the subjects they teach and are genuinely interested in helping students be better prepared for their futures.
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