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Perry High School is a wonderful school that provides a great experience for students to learn without stressing about social norms or appearances. The academics situation is amazing, and there are hundreds of AP classes and dual enrollment opportunities provided. The elective variety is wide and allows for every student to find something. Overall, this is an amazing school and student would be lucky to attend.
Perry High School has that small town feeling even though we have grown so much in the last 10 plus years. The staff and administration is there to help you every step of the way.
I loved the interaction between teacher, students and administration. The school really want every student to succeed. The staff goes above and beyond to meet each students needs!
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Perry High School is one of the best schools in Chandler. It provides a plethora of programs and clubs to join outside of academics. It is a community for students to learn from each other and make the most of what is given to them. It is in a very privileged community, and therefore has no shortage of resources. Academics are excellent.
Perry was able to offer many unique opportunities that I was unaware high schools had. It prepared me for college while still allowing me to enjoy my time there.
Perry is a very clean school with many security guards and janitors that are super chill. The AP and Honors classes there are up to par, and all the teachers there pretty much love what they do and try to improve the students both in academics and in mentality. Both the athletics and the arts have very strong programs, as football is ranked #4 in the state, and theatre has continued to win several awards for their shows. The music program has flourished with several couple of their members performing in All-State Festivals, and the arts have boasted 4's and 5's on scores for student's AP portfolios. Academics is also emphasized. I've taken all honors and AP my four years at Perry, and the teachers know how to prepare you well for the final AP exam. The atmosphere is overall very encouraging and harassment is not tolerated. The student government is effective in communicating school events to the students, and the food can be good
I loved the teachers, through my entire high school experience I felt that the teachers I had each year helped me achieve my goals whether they were academic or personal. I especially loved making new friends in the STEM program and having the opportunity to challenge myself.
My three years so far at Perry High have breezed past but i still had lots of fun. It's student body is over 4000, so the school is pretty big. Most of the teachers I have had have been good but last year, my Junior year, my math teacher was the worst teacher I have ever had. He completely ruined math for me and everyday i would dred going to that class. I tried to get switched to a different teacher but our councilors said you can't switch classes because of a teacher. So i had to survive the whole year with him. Thankfully he retired last year so if your thinking of going to Perry you don't have to worry about him.
Perry High School challenges me to become a better, more outgoing person. All of the staff wants to see you succeed in all your classes and help you succeed in honors/AP classes as well
I believe Perry High School has a lot to offer. Perry has many programs available to students as far as club sports and activities to make it a great campus . The teachers are great and very helpful. The campus is clean. The only negative would be that’s it’s very over crowded.
It was a good school with quality teachers and many inclusive activities for all grades. On the negative side there were lots of instances of bullying and some racism.
I loved so much about Perry! The teachers were always so welcoming. I met some lifelong friends there and learned a lot about myself. There’s so much that they offer at Perry. I wish the campus was bigger to make room for more people!!
Perry high school was a wonderful highschool due to the amazing teachers and the friends that I have made throughout the years. I was also part of the stem program which was pretty challenging but it was well worth it.
The environment was always very friendly and academics was always encouraged equally if not more so than athletics.
I enjoyed being apart of Perry and they focus on the individual rather than comparing people. I think they hold academics very high and each student is challenged and works hard for their grades. They offer a lot of clubs and events to meet new people and to find your niche. The counselors are very helpful to plan for college. Also, their AVID program is highly functional and helped me prepare for college. Overall, the school is super efficient and prioritizes the students before themselves.
Perry High School has a very happy environment. As a perry Alumni, i loved all 4 years at Perry and think it is a great school overall. I felt like the workload was the perfect amount and the teachers could really help students prepare for tests or AP exams very well.
Choosing to attend Perry High School was one of the better decisions I have made in my life thus far. I was constantly surrounded by motivated individuals, whether it be students, teachers, or other faculty. I cannot imagine my high school experience under any other circumstances.
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Perry High School offers so many experiences that other high schools can not compare to, from the dances to the assemblies, sports teams and fine arts. The campus has amazing teachers and a warm welcoming environment.
Perry High school has honestly been a great experience. I moved right after freshman year from a neighboring school, and knew some people at Perry but haven't talked to them for a while. The next two years at Perry has been a blast. I am in the STEM program, and at times it has been rough due to the workload, but I have made some genuine and great friends, and teachers who are willing to work and help out their students no matter what. All I can say is that moving to Perry, although hard at first has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I am grateful for all the support from Perry faculty and friends, and 100% recommend this school to anyone.
With a school population of over 3,500 students there is no limit to the number of friends you can make and memories you can create. Considering the population at PHS, teachers do a remarkable job with ensuring that all students understand the content that is presented to them throughout all four years of high school. All four years attending PHS, if I talked to my teachers about my struggles within the class, there was some form of a resolution presented to ensure my adequate retention of content for the class. Whether it be an extra review guide they would give me, staying after school to work on problems, and many other solutions, they were there to help. Perry has been a great home to me. A safe campus maintained by great security guards, clean campus provided by the exceptional custodians, unique learning environment provided by the sophisticated teaching methods, and an incredibly diverse student population have all worked together to create THE ideal high school for students.
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