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Being a small school they didn't have very many options in courses. Everyone knows everyone which can be good and bad. The sports teams were small, but you were guaranteed a spot. The outdoor sports fields are very nice and well-kept. The gym and cafeteria were the same place so they could definitely work on building a gym.
I love the teacher to student relationships. No teacher hesitates in helping a struggling student with grades, advice, or college readiness. The only improvement I suggest is lowering the amount of homework given. The amount is too much and takes hours and hours for many students to accomplish allowing no time for extracurricular activities.
I have attended Perry Hall Christian School (PHCS) since I was in K4. Now that I am a senior, I feel heavily prepared for what I next in my life.
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Love the small class size. Lots of teacher interaction with the students. Instills great Christian values. Excellent education for the tuition.
I have had serious health issues during my high school years and Perry Hall Christian has been outstanding in working with me and keeping me on track despite my illness. The school itself is a nice environment, full of children ages 4-18 and everyone is always happy! Our sports are wonderful and we always go out to the games! Our faculty and teachers are some of the best out there. The teachers and students develop relationships that help the students do their best in school. We even go to our history teacher's soccer games! What I would love to see in the coming years though is more diversity. We have many ages represented at our school, but not many races. I'd say we are about 80% Caucasian/White. We have no Indian or Asian students in upper school and I would love to see that change. Overall it is a pleasant and welcoming school, but as all schools, could use some work.
My son had ADHD And said to us no longer could go to that school. They discriminated him and all the ways. I dont want another parent to go what we went through . In the new school they said our son is not gifted but a GENIUS !! So that shows how bad professional are working in THAT SCHOOL.

I'm so happy he left that school ! hes going to BE SOMETHING IN THE FUTURE AND NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO HIM.
Teachers always wanted students to succeed so they challenged and pushed us to be our best. The work load and difficulty level of the work were comfortable and definitely helped me be prepared for college. The guidance counselor was always helpful and helped me apply to colleges and helped me with whatever other problem or question I had. My friendships and experiences from my time at Perry Hall Christian School made me feel ready to be on my own. The confidence I gained while attending the school has helped me come out of my shell and has pushed me to stay on my college and future career path. Going to high school at Perry Hall Christian has helped me to go after what I want in life and to not be afraid to be myself.
There is a pretty good gym class that reaches fitness but there are only a couple athletic opportunities.
There is only one way into the school and everyone has to be let in by the administrator in the front office.
The school work is not too difficult and if you work hard and stay focused, it is very possible and likely to get an A grade.
The whole administration team is very involved and interested in the student's lives. It is like a huge family but they are not afraid to discipline when necessary.
I usually pack a lunch because I feel that there are not enough healthy options in the school. But all my friends say that the food that is served is quite enjoyably tasty.
Our PHCS fans are very supportive of our teams no matter what season or no matter if we winning or losing. The fan base is very loyal and will travel with our teams to away games in another area if need be! They are mostly into whatever game is playing and will always love us no matter what the outcome is!
People are very accepting of any and all ethnic/racial group that set foot in our school. We are very open to diversity and not having act or look the same as another person. the characteristic of diversity in our school definitely makes us unique and broadens our standards significantly.
Our school is a private school organization which encourages dress code and uniforms. Uniform standards are khaki or dress pants, school official polo shirt or button up with a tie. For girls, skirts, uniform shirts, sweaters and stockings are appropriate. The standards for uniform policy are enforced but are very understanding and acceptable for students at the same time.
At Perry Hall Christian, there are endless opportunities to get involved in. From a sport's stand point, there is basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball! All teams that usually advance to at least the semi-finals each year in our league while building friendships in the process. As for drama and theater, the school has hosted different productions like Fiddler on the Roof or Beauty and the Beast, which have turned out to be very successful for both. Other events include music concerts near Christmas time and in the Spring for students to showcase their musical skills with singing or playing an instrument. In addition, are clubs like student council, peacemakers, being student life leaders, youth group, national honors society and other groups! This school provides a large range of different skills and events for students to enjoy when they are not in school.
This school is a school that a parent would want to send their child too! From different courses to be in, to the various sports opportunities given, to the people who impact your lives, it's an all around great school. I would choose this school again if I could because the education is excellent and the teachers and staff are dedicated to making sure the students succeed in everything we do. The music and drama program are some of the extracurricular programs that really thrive here and attract big crowds. Going to Perry Hall Christian would be far from a mistake, but much more a blessing!
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Once the school had a fire in one of the classrooms and all the staff rushed all the students to safety. Even though classes were delayed for a little while, the safety protocols and drills prepared for us previously gave us all direction. It ensured everyone's safety on what to do when a fire occurred until the fire truck came to take the fire out.
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