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Perry County High School Reviews

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My experience at Perry County High School was not a very good one. If you participated in basketball, you would receive a passing grade for just playing. Any other sport was not important to almost any other school official. Passing was about memorization, not thoroughly learning the subject.
Pchs makes everything enjoyable. They are known for their amazing sports. Such as basketball. Our girls actually we to state last season. Basketball is such a huge sport at pchs.
I like the school in general and I like the four classes a semester system. But I feel as if some teachers are as qualified as they should be to teach high school.
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It's an okay school for such a small town. Typical small town school problems. Would be better if more teachers cared.
Sure the hallways may be smelly, but the people are great and there is no other high school in the world I would rather attend. Perry County High School is home to some of the nicest staff and student body you could find.
We eat what is available. The lunch provided by the school is often the same options. The A la Carte items are fried and greasy. The only other options are chips or muffins.
The school is very strict on what a student is supposed to wear. They do not allow the females to wear clothing that is too revealing. We have a renaissance program which rewards the students for their attendance,and grading. They make sure that all students are treated equally, no one student can wear what another cannot.
Our school could use a few more opportunities for the students to become active. We don not have a diverse selection of sports, but the few that we do have, we are very proud of.
Computers are mainly used for the research aspect. Most of our lessons come from books, and lectures. The teachers are almost always willing to help if it is needed.
The school system is a good one to get an education from. The teachers are often willing to help the students if the need help with the assignments.
we can't have a rating on things we don't have.
They are rude and mean and spiteful and will fail you whether you earned it or not.
I am not at all prepared for anything outside of school there was no course to help us do the useful things in life such as paying bills or getting a place to live or dealing with the things that need to be dealt with.
The teachers don't know what they are talking about half the time. We don't always get support we need from teachers and half the teachers are less than 10 years older than us so they haven't matured enough to give us real advice.
You have all the same typed of clubs but we don't get the funding we need that all goes to our sports.
The salad always looks bad and the other choices are poor either fried or icky.
this school is known for how it bullies kids and there is nothing anybody will do about it, and if it isn't bad that the kids do it, the teachers do it. The people who are supposed to protect us are the ones who hurt us the most.
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We have sports but nothing else, everyone is on a sport even if they cant play.
There is NO acceptance here for those who are different, whether it be in race, religion, or sexual orientation.
Most teachers are of high quality and have interest in their students, but there are a few that lack compassion for them.
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