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The schools is too big and your just a number. I'm a senior and I've tried many times to talk to my guidance counselor but she's never available. Glad to be graduating.
I think PCC is a great school. I think that the teachers actually care about the students and want to help them advance as far as they can. I would like to see different foreign languages taught here.
Perry County Central High School helped me mature and grow as a person. There are great staff and employees that will help you with whatever you need.
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Going into the school they had a reputation of being a good high school, from classes and getting the students ready to go off on their own, to school involvement in extracurricular activities and clubs. However, before I got to the high school that started to decrease, and now we have very small school participation, and it's hard for us students to get a good education because many of the teachers leave. Last year alone I got 3 new teachers at Christmas break because teachers will quit and move to other schools. Also no one participates in sports or clubs anymore. One of the sports teams I am on is the cheer team and at my school we have an elite program, with 4 state tittles and placing second in the Nation recently, but now we can't even seem to get a team together, which is very saddening since it is my senior year. So in my school I would like to see better academics, and teachers that actually teach their classes along with more participation in clubs and sports.
Everything is okay. The culture is a unique one, but there's not a lot of parent involvement overall. Unfortunately, a basketball game receives more attendance than a fine arts night. I wish that were different.
I've always had a great experience with the teachers here. It's a community full of support and care for the students here.
I feel safe as a caterpillar while attending school!
The food is pretty great
When a student does the wrong thing, it is solved.
Some stuff not offered, some quantities and locations are limited to a few teams but hey are great facilities.
A few teachers struggle at times but most of the teachers are directly communicative with their students and create success in their classrooms.
The activities offered are spectacular. They give students a wide range of options.
There are some things aboht this school that I love. Most of the teachers are friendly and we have an award winning drama program. However, it is overshadowed by looming social issues, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Bullying is also a problem and the staff does next to nothing to prevent it.
I'm not even sure if some of the stuff we get is food. I think if I spoke Latin at it, it might come to life.

But in all seriousness, everything is baked as part of this whole "health food" idea, but it always comes out undercooked and just disgusting. It doesn't look appealing, nor does it smell or taste appealing. I almost never eat lunch.
The school seems to use nothing but in-school suspension for its punishments. The kids learn nothing and are soon back to whatever it was they were doing in the first place.
Our sports teams are okay, but are not top notch. Spirit and morale isn't very high. They have a lot of high quality stuff but don't seem to be putting it to good use to make them win.
Teachers are either a hit or miss. Some are amazing, some are awful. Generally, the teachers of the harder classes are better.
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There are your sports teams, such as basketball and football, then as you move down the hierarchy, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, etc.

Then all the way at the bottom of the totem pole, you find your art clubs: drama, band, art, etc.

The sports teams, specifically basketball and football, recieve a majority of the funding while the arts and lower sports recieve next to nothing. But, despite this, all clubs and organizations seem to make do and succeed.
Not a lot of clubs
Lots of policies now being enforced.
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