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Perry Central Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It is a very exceptional school that has a lot of benefits for their students. They have teachers that care deeply for the students and will do whatever is needed to help the students excel, not only on academics but also in the real world. Over all the way Perry's teachers influence their students is phenomenal. Especially the Spanish teacher, MaryJo Hagedorn.
Perry Central is an exceptional school. There are tons of opportunities to make connections to job opportunities, the faculty are amazing, and there are plenty of chances to get scholarships and college credit.
Perry Central is a very welcoming, helping, and encouraging school. The faculty and teachers are just very helpful and they have your best interest in mind and they all want to see you succeed in you life and career. It was truly a blessing to spend my high school career there.
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I love my school & proud to say where I came from.
Being in a rural community it would be ideal for the school to have a swimming pool and access to more facilities. The teams have to scramble to get practice because there is not enough facilities (basketball courts, baseball/softball fields).
Our administration group is the best. They commit to keeping the school safe and small community minded - while finding ways to provide the most up to date and high tech facilities and equipment for the students.
The majority of the teachers are a special group, who truly care about the kids and the quality of the education that they receive. I feel that we are fortunate to have them in the small homey atmosphere that Perry Central offers.
I attended a larger high school when I was growing up and missed a lot of opportunities that could have helped me go farther as an adult. I see that Perry Central is working hard to ensure students have success beyond their high school career.

My oldest child is graduating this year and I'm VERY proud to say that he has went to Perry Central since kindergarten. The teachers and faculty have helped shape him into a fine young man.

I'm excited to say that as my oldest child leaves for college my youngest will be starting preschool at Perry Central.
There are a variety of clubs and organizations available at Perry Central. The range of activities varies as needed with the change in the student body. My children love to take part in a variety of different organizations that help them to prepare for their future and have fun while doing it!
They have brought a lot of changes this school year in order to increase the safety of our school and I believe it has definitely helped put both students and parents at more ease.
They have plenty of extra curricular activities, but the students do not hear much about them. I did not get into many extra curricular a until my senior year because I didn't truly know what activities existed. However, the extra curriculars that do exist look are wonderful and look great on college and scholarship applications. Some of these include National Honors Society, Students Taking Action Not Drugs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, International Club, Occupational Students of America, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, tutoring, baseball, cheerleading, and many more.
All the teachers are beyond helpful to very student and are willing to do everything in their power in order to get their class across to the student. They offer help outside of the classroom and always encourage the students to ask questions if they are not understanding something.
I believe they could've done more with preparing us for what college will be like and what to expect. Some things I still do not understand about college and would love to know.
The teachers are great and willing to help their students in anyway they possibly can! Our guidance counselor is the best! She is willing to go out of her way in order to make sure all the seniors are prepared and ready for all the obstacles that college has to give us! Our principal is standard. He takes charge when he needs to, but sometimes makes a big deal out of small events. I suppose that's better than not taking charge however. Our dress code is strict at first, but eventually some girls and guys weasel their way into wearing clothing that is not appropriate, but they are sent home to change once caught. The school atmosphere is wonderful though. I've never had to worry about violence outbreaks and have always felt safe at my school. Overall the staff and the student body give off a great deal of spirit and kindness.
We have a very good scene at this school. Students involvement is great. We don't really have any peer pressure that goes on. The school and students acceptance is impeccable. Anyone that comes to our school we accept them no matter where they came from, what they look like, how they dress, how religious they are, etc. We are a very accepting school of ethnic/racial diversity and sexual orientation. We don't look down on people who are different in their own ways.
The cafeteria is clean and provides so much space to sit. They have average variety of foods. The value of their food is good. They are not the best cooks but their food taste just as good as going to a fast food restaurant or any other restaurant. It just depends on what food you like. They provide healthy foods like salad, veggies, and sub sandwiches, and fruit but I would like to see more portions of the healthy foods and more options. We have an excellent balance of foods. We have good quality of snacks.
The teachers at this school are very intelligent. They really care for their students. They try to help in anyway they can so you get the best education you can possibly get. Their teaching styles are awesome. They come up with so many other ways so that you understand it in your own way. They communicate in everyway. They take time after school to work with students who need extra help. Now that is dedication to your students. The teachers are very caring. They grade very fairly.
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I absolutely love this school. My experiences at this school have been great. My favorite experiences are just making new friends and getting to know such great students. Also the athletics are amazing and such great memories. Everyone is so supportive of every sport. We have a great support system and a loving community as well. What makes this school unique is the bond we have in the school. Students create such incredible bonds with one another. We bond with our athletics and community. We are a small school but we are known for our great academics, impeccable well mannered and nicest students, and our athleticism. I would choose this school again because it is a very inviting school. Students are so nice and make you feel like you belong and our school is like a little family. It's academics are impeccable and provides the best classes and information possible to help guide you to the future. I love everything about this school and this is the school I would recommend to anyone.
Our staff is very helpful in providing us with things we will need in the future and preparing us for college and the real world. The guidance counselors are amazing. They work so hard to provide scholarships, information about colleges, help with applying to colleges, find new online college course classes we can take and get college credit for it. They are truly a blessing. Its a blessing to have such hardworking and carding counselors. Our bullying policy is great. Our students don't have a bullying problem but if there is some kind of bullying, teachers or anyone approaches it immediately and the problem gets solved. Our dress code is good. It's moderate with restrictions. Our schools attendance is good. Most students look forward to coming to school. Our school tries to make the best out of everything and tries to make students happy to were they love coming to school.
This school is amazingly safe. All students feel very safe at our school. We never worry about students not being safe. We have teachers and staff who walk the halls and janitors who keep an eye on things. Our teachers watch for bullying and health measurements. Our nurse is always prominent with out health. Putting our health first and making sure we get the best care. Our students are not very violent and we have never really had a problem with bullying or threats or anything dangerous. Our students are very well and good students.
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