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Was a very good high school. Had a wonderful program to help students get ready for college. Also had a lot of resources for students interested in going to college.
My experience at Perris High School has been a good journey throughout my four years in high school because the campus has changed a lot. The teachers really care about your education and just fulfill my education.
I would like to see an improvement with the teachers because some can be very lenient. The lack of child safety is also an issue as many fights break out throughout campus. There is diversity but not much acceptance within the students.
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I would like to see a change in the way students are given help in academic areas. I feel that the academic focus is on common core and not on actual student needs or wants.
It was a great experience, all students are friendly and you could have a lot of fun in clubs and sports . There's programs like tutoring that help you on your homework and helps you a lot on your grades. I going to graduate today and feel so happy because I've been getting A' s and B's:). I will miss this school so much especially Varsity soccer :( .
I have enjoyed my four years of attending Perris High School. The majority of the students are minorities and the school is not as privileged as other schools, but they the number of ap and honors courses available increase almost every year and the campus is growing as a community.
Perris high school is an amazing place to go. The teachers here are all preparing you for college. AVID is an amazing program that has helped me get allof my requirements to apply for a college of my choice.
Perris high school is a great school. It is not as bad as people say that it is. Perris High offers many educational opportunities! The teachers and great and want their students to succeed.
I am now a Senior at Perris High School and I can say that this is the best school for me and I am glad that I didn’t spend my years somewhere else. Perris High has an image that has always haunted them, which is being a “bad school” and I can say that, that is incorrect. Every school is going to have their good and “bad” students and no matter where a student goes that is what it is going to be like. Once again love my school and community. Also, ASB is the best!
The school is not the most appealing but the teachers are great at teaching and supporting, I graduated with a 4.1.
I often hear negative things about Perris High. The environment has surely changed in the past years and is now great! It's all about how involved you are.
I like the safety that perris high gives. Also that the teachers here are friendly and willing to work with you with whatever you need. What I would like to see change is the students need to try keeping our campus more clean and tidy. Also i would want my peers being more involved with school spirit and have pride.
Perris high is an amazing school. The environment there is so warm and open. There is so many activities to join and find what fits you the best.
Perris High School is your average high school. There are teachers who are friendly while others not so much but I do feel some teachers are too attached or sympathetic with their students and that sometimes gets in the way of learning both for the student and the class. I will say the school has a problem with students doing idiotic things such as smoking in the restroom and skipping classes and fighting(though not very often) I observed people litter even when they have access to trash bins 3ft. away. The school does have an officer patrolling the campus but he rarely gets involved and as for the rest of security same as the teachers they are too friendly with students often letting them break rules and that gets in the way of their job. They are also very aggressive whenever a fight breaks out. I've had some good and some bad experiences with this school but I can say the pros outweigh the cons if just a small amount.
I had an extraordinary time here at Perris High School. It was a stressful 4-year but I'm glad i kept through and graduated.
Honestly I came into Perris high school my junior year thinking it was going to be a terrible school with fights all over and careless student, but now being a senior it's not chaotic and actually very great. There are many classes to choose from whether if you're into visual arts or writing.
I liked that Perris High School offered several activities such as clubs, sports, dances, and lunch time events for the students. However, the staff could not successfully discipline students for truly bad behavior such as on campus drug use and therefore spent much time disciplining students for trivial behavior such as dress code or gum chewing.
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I really enjoyed my time in high school involved in sports and student government, the school is going through construction to make it look even better. The school was really interactive with students and it has really interactive football games. The school basically has rallies every Friday during lunch and also gives out free stuff to the students.
My experience when attending Perris High School was average. I mostly just went through the whole whitewash teenager experience. The staff and school does a good job of encouraging academic readiness.
It's very easy to learn new things at Perris High. Students can be successful with dedicated hard work here. There are always opportunities for each and every student.
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