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Perquimans County High School Reviews

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Perquimans County High School is a okay school. We have our ups and downs. They will definitely have you ready for college. They have very good teachers but there is somethings they can change. Another thing they are hard on you about the dress code.
I liked how we had some freedom. I wish we had better food choices. I like how are dresscode rules are.
As a senior in high school, I've struggled a lot with feeling left out and being picked or judged. Lately I have seen a change in my school. People have begun to worry more about school work than they have ever before. I rarely ever see someone being bullied now. I would really like to see more helpful hands in my school. I hope that they find these people sooner than later to help out the students who feel they don't belong, or maybe just struggle in class.
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The principal is amazing and the administration is unbiased. There are many pathways and a Tom of courses to choose from as well as college classes offered through the local community college.
The teachers are very respectful and love doing their jobs. They do offer a Career Readiness Certificate for Career Technical Education students.
Perquimans is a great place to grow up. The school has their up and downs with administration, but overall at the end of the day they want all the children to be successful. Sometimes it feels as if the adults care more about sports than they do academics, even though we have a good number with sports, we always have a good successful rate, that could be high if they gave students the opportunity. Overall, this school has been a home to me the past four years, teachers have been very welcoming and the principal as well.
The best thing about PCHS is the teachers take a personal interest in the students and their success.
My experience at Perquimans County High School has overall been a decent one. I've really enjoyed being in a small high school environment because it has allowed the teachers and students to obtain a one-on-one learning experience. A few things that I did not really care for was the standardized testing and the fact that a number of teachers were not very efficient instructors. One thing I would definitely like to see happen in the future regarding our school is more career based learning and more clubs and extracurricular opportunities.
Some of the things I love about this school is lunch and the teachers. The teachers bond really well with the students to make us feel welcomed. Some of the things I would like to see in this school would be providing a variety of more classes instead of you having to take them online.
The teachers are nice, it's not hard to make friends. At this school, you get out of it what you out into it. The food leaves much to be desired for. There are people from almost every background here.
I love going to this school. But some things need to change. And some of them are other schools have more teacher involvement, and they are behind their students when it comes to sports.
If you can find the right group that will get positive things done, than it is a great school. On the other hand it is very easy to fall off the path.
My favorite experiences are attending sporting events. I would choose this school again because there aren't too many students attending.
Clubs are limited but we have the typical sports.
AP classes online and college classes helped with being prepared for college. The actual classes, except the math classes, were useless.
I think the school does not take the necessary actions when someone reports that they smell marijuana in the school bathrooms. If you tell someone you smell it, they will just say okay and let it go. I think something should be done about it and they should not just dismiss this issue.
This school is diverse, there are just as many whites as blacks. I would go here again because the counselors help you with everything.
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There are lots of clubs offered, some of them take field trips and help the elderly.
Almost every student and teachers come to the game
The whole county shares one school nurse
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