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Perpich expanded my artistic/creative mind and gave me both room and the tools to grow into the person I am today. I loved every moment of it, and wished it could have been offered to more kids. Not only did I feel prepared to take on my desired art major, I noticed a massive shift in my academic progress. I was able to control the kind of classes I can take and connected with teachers easily. I went from a struggling, procrastinating student to one that was easily writing two essays a week for a whole semester.
The only problem is that the number of students is dying quickly, and it's growing harder and harder to get the word out to fellow youth artists.
It was a life-changing experience that prepared me to live on my own and gave me the courage to move halfway across the country for college. The teachers were great, they gave a lot of encouragement, wisdom and emotional support.
Really wish someone could have warned me that I would be ostracized for not having the same political beliefs as the rest of the school
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Facilities are good and the school would have a lot of potential, but the administration offers white LGBT students many resources and actively leaves students of color with little to no representation or support. There is heavy drug use among many students and yet none of the white students seem to be reprimanded for it.

School takes in students from all around Minnesota which results in many people who aren't from the city, resulting in many students with racial prejudice and an overall sheltered attitude. Stay at your old school, and if you're set on an art school go to PIM or stay at your old school. Administration is corrupt and the student population is dwindling quickly, it will probably close in a few years anyway.
This school is very unique and has provided me with the tools to develop as an artist. The community is very small and closely knit, everyone knows each other. The school has provided me with a drastically different high school experience compared to an average public school. However, I would like to see more administration involvement. I know a lot of the admin are new and they're trying, but they haven't done much to solve the problems that we as students feel need to be prioritized.
Not diverse at all, 70% white and 80% female. Students of color are disproportionately targeted by administration, suspended and expelled for doing the same things that the majority of the white students are doing as well. Has a 100% graduation rate but don’t let that fool you: I know many students who were essentially kicked out when it looked like they wouldn’t graduate to administration so that percentage means very little. If you don’t have the same political ideology as everyone else (radical neoliberal to the point that it’s mindless) don’t expect to make any friends. With that being said facilities for Media and Visual arts but I don’t think it’s worth how corrupt the school is as a whole. Do PSEO, you’ll actually learn something and meet interesting people who aren’t wrapped up in high school.
Administration does not know how to run thing according to their personal agenda.
The way they handle saftey issues, is by telling the student in danger to suck it up, and that it's their fault.

Academics: Very different from any school you'll attend. I've loved most of my teachers, and enjoyed my classes.

Arts: It depends on what art area you go to. Vis is very competitive. Lit can have drama, but they're all quiet for the most part. I can't say much about media. Dance is so small, so dance it's what the four students make of it. Theater is drama. If something blows up in theater, everyone knows about it. Music is very cliquy and competitive. Every quarter is like picking new teams for dodge ball.

The dorms are like a jail cell almost, except you can leave when you want (usually)

Overall, just don't get harassed by another student, kiss the admins behind, and you're all good.
Perpich is a unique place, for all student. Perpich is an art school that specializes in Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Literary Arts, and my major, Media Arts. The atmosphere at Perpich is something you have never seen before. Everyone is unique, but we share one common love, art. Art is intergraded within our academic classes, most of our academic teachers are also artists. Collaboration is key to our community, I have worked on films with theater kids, written by Literary Arts kids. We learn to work professionally very fast. Perpich is one of a kind, so much love, so much passion, inspiration.
Attending Perpich Center for Arts Education has been such a memorable high school experience. Being a student at this school has helped me embrace my strengths as an artist and creator, and helped me improve my abilities to create. The teachers easily connect with the students, the classes are flexible and tend to each students' learning paces, and every day there is something new and exciting to discover and experience.
This was a great fit for me, as it is a small school that is based in the arts and those who learn best more unconventionally in the classroom. I was a theater student and the production we put on were very diverse and enriching. I left that school taking away many skills to be used within my art as well as in college and my career.
Very loose, but that also means low-stress environment. Teachers are very helpful and kind. Staff seem to genuinely care about your future, and the advantages it gives you artistically are very worth it.
Perpich Center for Arts Education is the best high school i have attended. Students have a relationship with the teachers that you won't find in many other schools. There is unspoken respect between the staff and students, and the teachers are great. The art programs are beneficial to those who don't enjoy ordinary public high schools.
On paper this school is a great idea, a school that provides arts education, not just to students living in the Metro area, but also all of greater Minnesota though it's dorm programs is simply wonderful. However Perch is only available to 11th and 12th graders which automatically makes it harder for students to succeed as they do not receive an arts education thought high school, and are forced to uproot themselves and start anew during the most stressful time in their high school careers. In addition, the overall quality of education, both academic and arts based is mediocre at best, and lack of opportunities though PSEO, and honors courses make for an underwhelming education. However there is a great community to be found here a beautiful campus located near public transportation.
My Jr year of High School was fantastic. The visual arts teachers were talented, patient, and compassionate. A new principal came my Sr year and ruined it all. The rules were asinine, teachers were quitting because of her, attendance dropped, expulsions ascended, trips and classes were canceled. I wish students today could experience what I was able to, if only for one year.
Extremely liberal teachers that push their personal agendas! Common sense is not considered as Alt Left agenda's are not only pushed but expected from students. This causes students to not be ready for the real work places they find themselves in. Many of the art studies revolve around drug use, sadly. Some really talented students, many not talented at all. Nice campus setting, dorms not so great. Food is decent. Building does need updates. College is not encouraged enough, but social activism is. Extremely poor financial management! Good teachers are long gone, unfortunately.
I love the students although there isn't much diversity. There aren't many resources for making up credits which I'm disappointed about.
Perpich is a great environment to be creative in. It allows students to be experimental with their art. It is humbling to be in a community with many talented artists. This school is also a great place to learn how to study independently. The teachers have a great amount of trust in the students and are willing and open to discussing ways to make your education great for you. In this way, Perpich prepares students to be college ready, but expanding the ways that students think and learn. Perpich also helps students decide whether or not they would like to have a career in their art form of choice because the arts teachers are very honest and give us assignments like we would get in professional art careers.
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Perpich is an amazing experience for aspiring young artists who want to take the next step in their art education. The school is built around art and it is incorporated into just about everything done, from the lockers to the classrooms, art is deeply embedded everywhere. I loved going to the school, though it did have some down parts. The food is sub par on most days and the dorms arent top notch, but I still loved my time here and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Perpich has become a second home to me and im proud to have experienced.
With the exception of maybe one science class, I felt all my academics were very challenging, interesting, and taught very well.
Most people are very liberal, accepting, and open minded in terms of race, religion, culture, and sexual orientation. However, since the school is mostly white students, it's hard to be completely accepting without much representation from people of color.

Unfortunately because of the "arts culture" at this school, drug use is higher than at other schools of the same rigor. This is something being addressed by teachers and other students who don't approve of it. I think penalties should be higher for drug use at school. Like any high school, it can be cliquey and dramatic but in general it is so much more open, accepting, and non-judgmental than the other high school I attended (Saint Louis Park Senior High) so I can't complain.
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