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I have been attending Permian High School for 4 years now and I believe it is a safe and positive environment that all high school kids should experience. There are thousands of kids that are enrolled at Permian, so making friends won't be hard at all. Although there are some things that aren't the best, everything else makes up for it.
Permian high school is such a fun school I’ve had the best time here. I would only change one thing and it’s the activities we have, i wish we did different things each year instead of the same old thing such as out spirit days during football season
Permian High School isn’t so much the “everyone gets along” and “freshmen are welcome” type of environment. There’s plenty of amazing things happening on this campus that honestly it far outweighs the things that are so frowned upon. There are kids getting full rides to the school of their dreams. There are kids that are marvelous musicians that just pour everything they have into the music. Kids like these are many with whom I’ve surrounded myself with and have forced me to push myself in many aspects of my life. My experience in high school has been one of the toughest years I’ve endured, but in contrary to that, it has also been four years I will forever treasure with me. Only thing I would change is for every kid at Permian High School to be blessed to be accepted into a program in which they have a passion for like I have. If every kid were to be in something that pushes them to be better, then it just slowly but surely diminishes any negative reputation.
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It’s a good school with good teachers and good administration. The school is very safe and a good place to be. You can ask anyone for help and they will do what whet ever they can to help you. Permian is a safe and good place.
I would like to see a change in the teaching staff to actually teach the students the information needed for tests. I like everything about permian it has a good atmosphere and the best students everyone here is so supportive on their future and want to make a difference in this world and that’s the energy that Permian high school gives off when you enter.
What i like about Permian High School is the tradition that’s there. Permian has been around for a long time and it’s even had a movie made about it. “Friday Night Lights” is about Permian facing adversity despite losing the state championship.
Permian has a great culture and great school spirit! Friday Night Lights will forever live on and the legacy of Permian will remain. The majority of the teachers are amazing and want the best for their students. The library has computers and books for research and they are available to students for no charge. Permian has its flaws but the environment is great for the students!
My last three and a half years at Permian High school have taught me much more about life than just school work. I have learned not only so much in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well. I have learned the true meaning of team work by holding a starting position on our 6A volleyball team. No only did I learn to work with others playing the game but also how to be a good leader who demonstrates a good attitude and work ethic on and off the court. I also have learned how to make friends, being able to have different classes with a variety of different students in those classes. With the diversity came the ability for me to learn more about other people, their lives, and how I can learn from others to help better myself. High school has taught me so much more then just what is required by the district or state, but it has taught me appreciation for others around me and my teachers, and also to enjoy high school, because it flies by so fast.
Throughout my 4 years at Permian High School I’ve been in the band, and I can easily say that is the only thing , in my experience, that kept me happy. I made a lot of friends and we all definitely stayed occupied with band. The rest of the school has it’s problems. The hallways are too crowded. The counselors are almost never there. It feels like most of the teachers don’t care, although there are a couple teachers who are outstanding in my experience. My biggest problem is how many student are crammed into this campus; I don’t go well with crowds. I do say it’s not the worst school. I’ve certainly made good memories there.
I liked how the teachers I had taught me so much, were always willing to help me and compliment me for working so hard in their class. They truly helped me expand my knowledge in various areas. What I wish I could see be changed is the strictness and applying new rules. Some rules were just unnecessary and the teachers would always get mad over something so small, eg., hugging a friend in the hallway outside your class before the bell rang for class to start.
The school is still very focused on football and spending money to keep up those facilities and the field house rather than giving financial attention to the need for more books, new learning technology, etc. Some of the teachers are great, but there is no room for them to really engage the classroom. There is little to no actual preparation for real life skills or college. This school is great if you want to really dive deep into the school spirit of Permian, but if you want to actually learn then go to another district altogether.
Permian is a good school, but it is extremely crowded. The teachers are good but sometimes there are too many kids, therefore the teaching many not be fully effective.
While the teachers there are wonderful, my peers are the main source of stress.. Every single teacher I've had has been experienced and good at helping me understand the subject. Mrs Hernandez my current avid teacher is the best teacher I've had. She's is crazy, supportive, understanding,wild etc... My experience at Permian has been fairly positive and I really really love my avid teacher.
As most know it is the school known for Friday Night Lights and football. The movie showed every part of what Permian is about. It loves its football and students. I was on the dance team so I was able to be there every Friday night under those lights enjoying the roaring crowds during the football game. This school is one everyone would love to attend.
Great spirit and traditions. Everyone is very friendly and the school has many activities and extra curricular options so that no student can be left out. The teachers are all very nice and work with you. Students are really able to feel the MOJO and Friday Night Light spirit every day.
Permian High school has faced poor funding, a shortage of teachers, and overcrowding. The education is typically average and full of distractions. The school is decently clean, but it would be nice to have more funds for it to provide students with more adequate supplies and educational opportunities.
It was an average high school experience. There were a lot of diversity among the students and faculty. The academic teaching wasn't at its best due to either students not caring enough or the teachers not caring enough or either because the teacher isn't good at teaching. Student life is average, but some activities are very festive and fun.
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Pretty much average in everything. Only real notable feature about the school is the focus on sports, especially in football. Everything else was just average. At least it was open campus for lunch. The change in principals was terrible. A principal whose only school experience is in private schools should not be made principal for a public school. Also, there's little reason to ask anyone except your teachers for class related material and the principal for your grade for any reason, other than the college advisor and your counselors (and even then, mainly for courses and grades.)
Permian high school is an amazing school to be apart of. You haven't truly experience school spirt unless you've been to permian. Everyone at permian is very involved and high spirited especially with football since Friday night lives was made based off our football team.
The thing that I liked about Permian High School is the connection the students have with each other and how we are involved in school activities. I would like to see the academic readiness improve over time and how the school will develop to improve as a whole.
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