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I liked how the teachers I had taught me so much, were always willing to help me and compliment me for working so hard in their class. They truly helped me expand my knowledge in various areas. What I wish I could see be changed is the strictness and applying new rules. Some rules were just unnecessary and the teachers would always get mad over something so small, eg., hugging a friend in the hallway outside your class before the bell rang for class to start.
The school is still very focused on football and spending money to keep up those facilities and the field house rather than giving financial attention to the need for more books, new learning technology, etc. Some of the teachers are great, but there is no room for them to really engage the classroom. There is little to no actual preparation for real life skills or college. This school is great if you want to really dive deep into the school spirit of Permian, but if you want to actually learn then go to another district altogether.
Permian is a good school, but it is extremely crowded. The teachers are good but sometimes there are too many kids, therefore the teaching many not be fully effective.
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While the teachers there are wonderful, my peers are the main source of stress.. Every single teacher I've had has been experienced and good at helping me understand the subject. Mrs Hernandez my current avid teacher is the best teacher I've had. She's is crazy, supportive, understanding,wild etc... My experience at Permian has been fairly positive and I really really love my avid teacher.
As most know it is the school known for Friday Night Lights and football. The movie showed every part of what Permian is about. It loves its football and students. I was on the dance team so I was able to be there every Friday night under those lights enjoying the roaring crowds during the football game. This school is one everyone would love to attend.
Great spirit and traditions. Everyone is very friendly and the school has many activities and extra curricular options so that no student can be left out. The teachers are all very nice and work with you. Students are really able to feel the MOJO and Friday Night Light spirit every day.
Permian High school has faced poor funding, a shortage of teachers, and overcrowding. The education is typically average and full of distractions. The school is decently clean, but it would be nice to have more funds for it to provide students with more adequate supplies and educational opportunities.
It was an average high school experience. There were a lot of diversity among the students and faculty. The academic teaching wasn't at its best due to either students not caring enough or the teachers not caring enough or either because the teacher isn't good at teaching. Student life is average, but some activities are very festive and fun.
Pretty much average in everything. Only real notable feature about the school is the focus on sports, especially in football. Everything else was just average. At least it was open campus for lunch. The change in principals was terrible. A principal whose only school experience is in private schools should not be made principal for a public school. Also, there's little reason to ask anyone except your teachers for class related material and the principal for your grade for any reason, other than the college advisor and your counselors (and even then, mainly for courses and grades.)
Permian high school is an amazing school to be apart of. You haven't truly experience school spirt unless you've been to permian. Everyone at permian is very involved and high spirited especially with football since Friday night lives was made based off our football team.
The thing that I liked about Permian High School is the connection the students have with each other and how we are involved in school activities. I would like to see the academic readiness improve over time and how the school will develop to improve as a whole.
I’ve had a good experience During my time at Permian high favorite time was the afters school events we would have like Pep rally’s, and bomb fires for football. But my favorite part about school was all my classes because all my teachers thought me well through out the year.Also our athletics is reall good they have made a movie about out football team called Friday Night Lights. I recommend Permian high school to any teacher or student that is trying to find a school or a job.permian high school also has lots of extra curriculum things out side of school like helping out the food bank or cleaning up the community.
everything is pretty much great if you love football and are good student or just a very good athlete.
Teachers are very nice and trustworthy. School is average size so you don't get lost. I would change the going off campus lunch rule.
it’s very big and small at the same time , but very good teachers and easy to learn and walk the stage
What I like about Permian is the spirit we all have for our traditions, our sports and the support they gave the students when most of us had lost our friends. I also like the teachers for giving us tutoring times to be able to either make up work or to go and understand our subjects. The only thing that i would change is our periods, they should give us back our homeroom and give us longer time during passing periods like it was in the beginning of the year. Also the FOOD, if they served us better food then they wouldn't have to worry about students leaving off campus.
Great experience overall , I had great time there. One I will say is being in activities made this place way more fun than this was supposed to. BIG school so it was a lot of people to socialize with.
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I like the fun activities they offer and how friendly and nice the teachers are,also I adore the mercy and our grades when we really need help from our teacher and they do alot of fun things to help us learn better
Permian high school is a good academic school with good athletes, and a good facility. I enjoyed my track seasons there. We had good coaches and a competitive team.
My experience on Permian High School is an okay place to go to school at.
My personal opinion is that they should allow all lunch periods/grade levels to go wear we can go off campus to lunch and to take off the 2 hours on Saturday is you're tardy to first period and stop giving some students attitudes for no reason.What I do like is that we can correct are work and turn it in at a certain time the ask when its due.
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