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Perkiomen Valley Middle School - East Reviews

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There really aren't many bad people in this school. No one does drugs or would be stupid enough to bring them to school. We just have locked doors and security cameras. There just there because of any in school fighting or throwing food at lunch for example so they can just check the cameras. There are no armed guards or metal detectors or dog sweeps. But for one period of the school year we had a staff member that would stand out side of the bathrooms for the entire day for about 2 weeks because some kids drew on the wall and ripped one of the stall out because they were hanging on it.
I don't do much because I play my sports mainly with my Cyo leagues. I know from friends though and attending some games that it is very competitive and they have a lot of fun being together as a team and are proud to be on whatever team they are.
They majority of the teachers are very likable. The food is very good in my opinion. You just feel like your having fun throughout the day. And in the one subject I don't like it is very easy to get a good grade (SS). All the other classes are challenging and you have to work hard to get a good grade which is actually kind of fun. I hate math though this year. I got a few points behind the other year and the teacher didn't bump me up and I had to retake the class the next year which is very pointless because I understand everything very well. My math class now is filled with all the slow learners and kids that are not very smart and I get so frustrated. It's very upsetting and annoying. I got advanced in math on the PSSA's even and they didn't even consider that. Ugh.
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There are different kinds of teachers throughout the school. Some teachers have teached some subject for 15 years then get moved into a subject which isn't a great fit for them. There are a few that act like children pulling pranks and childish stuff. Which I think is fun because all the teachers I have had that do stuff like that know how to do it moderately without hurting anyone's feelings and always find a good way to get the teaching topic through and understandable. There are some teachers that don't act like they should go back to middle school. There are some with the intelligence of a middle schooler which gets very frustrating. It has been very annoying when secondary teachers in some classrooms are there for children with lower intelligence or slow learning. They don't really do anything besides make sure there on task which should be the teachers job. She'll go around basically policing all the kids and not focusing on the ones who need help. It's egroiusly annoying. Also we have had teachers before though with students and friends who I would trust claiming about some teachers slamming desks when they weren't able to follow directions correctly. Also I've heard of a teacher giving his students the middle finger when they accidentally got him locked out of the room. Then the majority of teachers I have liked very much. They don't mind a few jokes. They know when to draw the line. They care about all their students equally and do a great job getting the subject taught.
Horrible if your child requires help. Active refusal to educate children with learning disabilities and complete disregard for the law
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