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Perkiomen Valley High School is one of the best schools in the area for academics and most of the teachers here are excellent. The school is not as great at sports as it used to be. What the school decides to spend its money on is ridiculous- another viking statue over a turf field??? Other than that PV has been a great experience and does a lot to help their students succeed into college.
I enjoy the amount of activities possible within our high school. Students are able to join any sport and club they would like to, and if it doesn't exist, they can start it up with a group of friends. An issue with our school is definitely the lack of adult leadership. The school administration, not including the teachers, rarely acknowledge the students. Sometimes they'll sit in on a class of mine throughout the year, but nothing seems to change. They advocate for change, but we still have poor school security and athletic facilities for our athletes.
Perkiomen Valley High School has provided me with many opportunities and classes to make my four years there as fun as possible. The counselors are great and were able to help me take as many sciences classes as I could (considering science has always been my favorite subject). The school also has outstanding spirit and the student section won an award for best student section in a region of PA. There are so many clubs to choose from, and the entire school community is very open to social issues.
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The creative arts at Perkiomen Valley was excellent. The teachers always came from excellent institutions for their undergraduate. PV was gracious enough to hold a blood drive for the local blood bank.
Perkiomen Valley High School is definitely one of the better schools in the area.
The majority of teachers want to see their students grow and succeed. They make an effort to know their students. Some of the staff input minimum effort into their classes while others drown students in "busy work".
Overall, the students are great. During spirit week, the school is buzzing with energy. The student section (and football) is one of the school's proud highlights.
The school administration is weak. I personally have not once ever seen one of the principals EVER interact with the students. Sometimes they send out surveys, asking for the students' opinions. We feel as if they don't listen to our concerns. There have been a few occasions when administration should have called off school for bad weather and they didn't. Accidents ensued from the icy roads and some bus riders didn't get home until 8pm.
The cafeteria is making an effort to improve.
Overall, a great school with a few weak points.
Overall the my experience at Perkiomen Valley High School has been pleasant. The majority of the teachers genuinely care about the well being and success of their students and work had to ensure that their students succeed. However there are still a number of theachers that have put little to no effort in teaching their students and could obviously care less about the student's well being. There have even been some cases in which the teacher verbally expresses that the success of the student has no impact in their life. Perkiomen Valley High School also stuggles to efficiently communicate with people in the district. This could be due how behind Perk Valley is when it comes to the use of technology that everyone can easily access.
Perkiomen Valley High School is overall a great school. It is kept up to date and they are constantly making improvements. The teachers are all great and really care about the students. There are many clubs and activities to be a part of and there are many things students can participate in.
I graduated back in 2006 and I attended PV during the school renovations. This enabled me to be apart of the school both before and after the school grew and transformed into what it is today. I loved my time there, and remember it with great memories. I graduated and went on to study at Drexel University. I highly recommend PV.
Perkiomen Valley is a welcoming and friendly environment. Everyone encourages each other and wants each other to succeed.
Perkiomen valley is a great school in my opinion. You get challenged depending on your teachers and most teachers are willing to help if your stuck. I really liked PV because of all the class options available to me.
Perkiomen High School is everything a parent could want for their children in every way. The teachers, facility, coaches and administration make this high a very special place that will enable the students to address the future with the tools and confidence they'll need.
Perkiomen Valley High school was such an amazing experience. The school spirit was strong, especially during football season and the academics were great.
My experience at Perkiomen Valley High School has been wonderful. I have gone to this school for all four years of my high school journey and have made lifelong friendships. The atmosphere at PV is unbelievable and the school spirit is always off the charts, we even had the best student section in southeast Pennsylvania! PV is a safe school and if issues arise, they are solved within minutes. The teachers are amazing, always willing to assist and one can really tell that they want the students to succeed. Overall, Perkiomen Valley high school is one of the best schools in the area.
Perkiomen Valley was a great school to attendant . Most of the teachers were very good and had a lot of knowledge about their fields. All the teachers and staff cared about all the students and wanted them to success. Overall, PV is a great school that has prepared me for my life ahead.
Perkiomen Valley High School was a pleasant experience for me. All the teachers here are kind and willing to help their students if asked. I cannot recall much negatives from going to this school aside from my own shortcomings. There are also plenty of clubs that one can join as well as sports that can be played. The student body is filled with individuals who have a very strong passion for the school district and, for the most part, they are kind people. I have not had any bad experiences with other students. However, I have heard some things and rumors from other people but those involved students who did not make the best of choices. Overall, Perkiomen Valley is a great school and one can find it easy to fit in and make friends.
Good school. We have great spirit. Teachers are helpful and I loved the atmosphere. I really think it’s one of the best high schools around here.
Perkiomen Valley is a warm and welcoming place with endless possibilities within the school's programs and classes offered. There truly is something for everyone. We love our sports, our music, our art, and each and every member of our community no matter their gender or sexuality.
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As a parent i have found this school to be better than most. The teachers and administrators really seem to care about the students. They offer a good selection of courses and seem to update their selections annually. Two criticisms, my daughter says the food in the cafeteria isn’t good and their sporting facilities are lacking. They really need to upgrade their facilities.
I love my school! I learned a lot and had a great time. All the adults are helpful . School spirit is great and i was really prepared for college.
Perkiomen Valley High School is an advanced academic environment made for students to thrive. This school consists of stellar academics, the best sports teams, great student to teacher ratio, and overall just an happy atmosphere to learn in. Beyond the sports and academics, Perkiomen Valley High school is a safe place to connect and trust in the people around you. My stay at Perkiomen Valley High School has been phenomenal, and I hope students to come experience the same adventure.
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