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I had a very pleasant experience at the School. The staff was very welcoming and warm. I really appreciated everything the school had to offer me.
Teachers and administrators great , they look out for you as a student and are always available.
A lot of new opportunities with Medical Center and Entrepreneur institute.
Good mix of day and boarding students. Large international population, feel connected to the world.
Like a 2nd home... but with AP courses.
Despite a toxic and over athletic vibe, the school has amazing faculty and facilities. The students of the school are mostly vapid materialistic and cliquey children, but the academics really are top notch. Teachers tutored me, got me scholarships, and went out of their way to see my success. While it’s easy to coast through Perk, if you take it seriously this place will and can make your dreams come true. The students were awful and entitled, but the faculty changed my life.
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Very recent alum. I would say Perk is perfect in many ways. People at Perk are incredibly nice and actually cares for each other. Diversity at Perk is real, people are from all over the world.
The only thing I would pick on is that Perk is not academically competitive at all. The teachers don't hold very high standards on students. They won't push you to improve beyond your current level. Many teachers are very mediocre, they failed to inspire students to learn. Most people at Perk lack intellectual curiosity. Although Perk offers an enormous amount of AP courses, but only few AP courses are good. Most teachers expect you work on your own outside of classes to get a 4 or 5. Studying at Perk is not stressful at all, but it doesn't prepare you well for the rigorous work in college. I wouldn't recommend Perk for anyone who is academically ambitious.
They pushed me to be my best, something other schools did not succeeding in doing. In addition to this, they treated me as an adult, made help and resources avaibible easily, stressed writing skills, and demanded excellence both in and out of the classroom.
I've enjoyed my time at the school so far, and expect the approaching final year of high school to be just as enjoyable. The school is quite small, which fosters a sense of community and comradery not found in schools with ~1000 person graduating classes. You're able to make connections with your teachers and seek additional help should you need it, be it academic or otherwise.
Perkiomen School is a wonderful place that prepared my children for both college and the world. We cherish their learning experiences at Perkiomen.
Perkiomen has been around for a long time and the school has really blossomed in recent years. What I always liked about Perkiomen is that the environment is one where kids are valued for who they are and diversity is celebrated. Perkiomen gets the most out of its students.
Health program is horrible, also no health or sex ed class
Most of the teachers are very dedicated to their job and treat the students as equals.
I don't participate in extracurriculars at this school.
Teacher at this school are good.
Perk provides endless opportunities to strengthen my child's academic foundation and they celebrate students for who they are. It's not a cookie cutter school. It values differences in kids and embraces diversity. It's also not full of itself, as can be the case with some elite prep schools. There is a wholesomeness to the messages kids receive and balance instead of unhealthy competitiveness that some school promote.
I like the school as a whole, i just think some changed in the food and social life could be a lot better being that the majority live on campus.
The instructors at Perkiomen are very helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile to congratulate or encourage students. Students develop a mentor/mentee relationship with their teachers. It's very hard to say goodbye at graduation!
Perkiomen is a very safe environment. Bullying and harassment rarely ever takes place. If so, it is handled accordingly. The students at Perkiomen are very responsible and mature.
Students at the Perkiomen School are not troublemakers. The worst thing most students get sent to the Dean for is for not wearing the correct uniform or being late to class. The Dean will give you a lecture and send you on your way. Perkiomen does not have detention. If a student is really unruly and does not follow basic school rules and policies, they will be asked to leave the school.
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The teachers and instructors at the Perkiomen School all have their master's in their related subject field. I always feel confident in the classroom and the instructors are very helpful and love to make their teachings fun. They are always available outside of class for help. The work load is that of a typical college preparatory.
Perk has wild and supportive fans. Basketball is the biggest sport at Perk. The whole school squeezes into the gym for Saturday night basketball games. The gym is updated and accommodating and the facilities are great. The pool has been recently refurbished. Perk's athletic teams are top competitors in the league. Every morning, students will make announcements reporting about the game they had the previous day. It's very rare to hear of a loss.
The food is great quality for school food. I am currently in college and I'm missing Perk food! The chefs always prepare a variety of food each week for the students. The food is included in tuition so you don't have to pay upfront for each item; nobody stops you from getting seconds!
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