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Perkins-Tryon High School Reviews

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Perkins-Tryon is a great high school to attend. Perkins is a town where everyone gets together and is extremely involved in every activity. If you ever need anything in Perkins there is always someone who is willing to help.
I like how small and connected our system is. There are lots of opportunities to be involved in organizations and everyone knows everyone. I wish there were just a few more organizations to take part in.
I love the teachers and how students act with each other. You can put people in groups and everyone can work well with each other. The faculty members are nice and help you when you need it. You can tell that the teachers at Perkins-Tryon High School care and love their students. If you need help, they are always there when you need it. BUT... we need more money! To replace our 12-13 year old books! We need more room! We have so many students in one class it's a little overwhelming. But other than that I have loved being at this high school and couldn't ask for any better.
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I would definitely recommend Perkins-Tryon High School to anyone who doesn’t want their kids to go to a large school but not also be stuck in small school. The school and the staff has been so great to me since I have moved here my freshman year. It has definitely been a great experience for me. People have accepted me into this community and have been a huge support for me!
I have enjoyed the small school atmosphere, and the teachers are great for the most part. Everybody knows everyone else and it is really enjoyable to work with others. I do wish that people could get along a little better, but, like a true family, from time to time we have spats and quarrels.
I love this highschool. Most of the teachers are fairly nice and teach at a slower pace to make sure everyone understands. Lunches are good. Students are very involved with school activities, with pep rallies, sports, or band. One thing I wish to change is our school is low on money. They can't afford new text books for everyone and can't always afford substitute teachers.
What I liked about Perkins-Tryon High School was its diversity and the kindness in the school and the community. One thing I would like to see change is the fairness in the sports. Some sports get more recognition than others and it is irritating and unfair.
There are great options available. It doesn't seem like there are enough teachers (again, funding). The only thing that I wish we had was more foreign language courses. We have Spanish (2 years) and nothing else.
There is a great ethnic/racial diversity and they are accepted well. There hasn't been any sexual orientation diversity so I do not know how they would accept that.
There is BPA, FCCLA, Academic Team, National Honor Society, International Club, FFA,Student Council, Band, Drama, Athletics, Yearbook, Student Magazine (Journalism), and Art Club.
The only bad part is the limited funding, so we do as many fundraisers as possible. Most enjoy their experience and don't want to move on. Prom, athletics, and everything else always turns out great.
The teachers are very kind and try to help the students as much as possible. The school's funding is very low thanks to our state government, so they do as much as they can.
We don't have a security system
We don't have many sports to choose from and our clubs are minimum
Some parents don't help out
We have terrible staff in the cafetira
We have NO MONEY. The Band alone had to fundraiser for twenty years to get new instruments and uniforms.
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I hate this school with a passion but they are good teachers.
My teacher did a wonderful job mostly.
I love this school so much and im going to be really sad to leave.
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