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My favorite experience is the talent shows, dances, and Choir. I also did like our Principal, Mrs. B. Lambari. I will choose this school again because I met my now friend in it and I also got to know great teachers.
Mostly people go to Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Football. Most of the school spirit it's of parents attention to their kids
Some teachers are good in teaching skills and everything. mostly English and math teachers. they do help students individually after school or lunch. In grading that's they're work, I never had a problem with it.
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In my opinion some teachers didn't give homework and when they did, they never revised. Everyone had their group, there wasn't any racism in it.
The only thing I remembered from this school was that we only had Choir, Band, and Athletics. I was involved in Choir.
When I was in Perkins Middle School, the nurse never check you. Just the temperature if you were burning they would call your parents, and even if you felt somewhat sick they wouldn't take care of you just call parents.
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