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My review on bullying at Perkins k-8 is not really that prominent honestly speaking all they do is call you two in or witnesses in and just talk to you there is a possible suspension if needed but nothing really prominent. the personal safety thing is pretty prominent, however there could be one person that is like "i'll get you after school." but never actually mean it. The nurse situation is terrible! if you are feeling like throwing up or have a headache all they do it give you water and tell you to lay down the worst part is if your a girl and you get your period out of nowhere so you go to get a pad and it's a huge uncomfortable maxi pad, for example i had went with my friend because she had gotten her period and the nurse was on the phone, but of course she couldn't just wait and hold it so the nurse opened her drawer and gave her the maxi pad. she never got off the phone! and there was three little girls in there as well to shy to interrupt her so they were just waiting there the nurse saw them too but she stayed on the phone.
Perkins k-8 is about the worst school to go to if you want to have after school activities, the only after school activities they offer is Prime Time. They have no other activities at all at Perkins k-8.
I have attended this school for about four years now and in the begging it was a pretty good school, however while i got older and attended classes for junior high i realized that this school had lost its touch. Perkins used to have a Washington trip, but due to budget cuts they stopped that and many other field trips that they offered. The avid trip that i mentioned earlier is all about showing us eighth graders colleges from Los Angeles to San Francisco, my siblings had also attended Perkins k-8 and did go on the trip they're seventh and eighth grade year. Once it was my turn to go on the avid trip in seventh grade they didn't let us go because our English/ Avid teacher at the time was able to teach us avid base learning. So there were eighth grade avid and seventh grade avid, so us seventh graders didn't go, but the eighth graders went which was unfair since years in the past seventh and eighth graders went together. Now that it is my eighth grade year there is a new English and avid teacher our English teacher isn't able to teach avid so it is seventh and eighth graders together. Our new avid teacher doesn't know a thing about teaching eighth grade because he has only taught sixth grade and below. They expect him to teach us things he probably doesn't even remember and to take us on a trip out of the city on the first year?! I have been trying to fight him going for a while and as the time grows closer i think i am being heard about the whole situation. However they do have a talent show every year and that does raise money for the trip and school.
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i have four teacher and three out of four are great at teaching. For the most part they have a great way of teaching in my point of view.
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