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I loved many things about Perkins High school. Most teachers that I had were amazing and did their best to see me succeed in life. The environment was peaceful as well, there was no bullying, no kids being mistreated, no sad kids insight. The only thing I would say that the school needed to approve on would be the teaching. Most of my teachers were excellent, but there were a few that did not teach the lesson properly for students to fully understand.
I transfered to Perkins High in my sophomore year and I was very disappointed with the lack of diversity in school as a minority as well as the setback in academic opportunities. The school is strong in sport yet weak in club activities for students.
Perkins is such a close knit community. It feels like a home. Going into school, I'm sure that there are some schools where people feel like they might be bullied, or that they'll be put into cliques and be very separated from the "popular" students, but Perkins is not like that. My entire life, I have not once seen anyone bullied. Perkins is not segregated into groups either. No one's afraid to talk to anyone, everyone is friends, which is very comforting.
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I believe that Perkins High School did a great job with preparing me as well as other students for life and for college. Even though Perkins Local Schools went through some financial problems they still did a great job of making sure student learning was not affected. There are always things to improve in the high school but I believe that the administration is doing everything they can with the amount of money coming in.
I love the teachers at Perkins, but the administration doesn't listen to the students at all. Very few students' voices are heard by the administration in a place where it is mainly about the students. Lately, they have attended well to organization's needs, but when it comes to dealing with the teachers, they sometimes forget that students' feelings towards the teachers should be taken into consideration when firing, laying off, or any other form of getting rid of teachers.
It is a safe environment and there are some good opportunities for students who are willing to work.
Overall would not recommend coming here for high school. There's about six clubs offered, the same lunch sides are offered everyday, about half the teachers actually care about your education, and there is only two AP classes offered. Not to mention sports are over 300 dollars, and clubs are 50 dollars. Plus the administration threatens to raise the prices every time they don't get anything they want such as levies. But hey, at least they passed a levy for a football stadium, instead of for academics!
This school offers you the option of college courses while in high school.
There is a healthy mix of different kinds of extracurricular activities.
The parents at PHS were a mixed bag. Some cared, and some did not. I cannot speak for the majority, but from what I have seen, it could be improved.
The teachers at my high school were very sufficient, for the most part. There were some individuals who seemed they were there specifically for the paycheck, but others legitimately cared for the students. I enjoyed my time there.
There are many different clubs and organizations a student could join. The only problem is there are extraordinary fees for anything you do.
Most teachers are very involved and caring about their students. I have run in to a teacher or two that just didn't care and it showed in their rudeness.
This school system has school resource officers on campus daily.
The only thing I don't like about this school is that they threaten higher fees to get what they want.
Very good teachers who care about their kids.
Perkins has been such a positive overall experience. I have learned so much and all the different activities and organizations are a great way to be involved. There are many unique classes that are offered. There are also college classes offered.
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I love my teachers! I can go to them for anything I need even if it is not school related. The teachers love to have engaging class discussions and their teaching styles are all unique in their own way.
The school really doesn't say anything about health. Only around homecoming and prom they tell us not to drink and drive. Other than that, they don't care. The school nurse... We might as well not even have one. Every time someone comes in there she just offers a mint or crackers then sends to back to clas.
Most of our clubs are laid back. Such as game, rap, & environmental club. There are all intended to help us relax and take our minds off school a bit. It is the little bit of relief we can get from drowning in assignments.
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