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Perkins County High School Reviews

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I had a really great experience here! The teachers here are super friendly and help you to the best of their ability.
I really enjoy going to perkins county high school. I feel the school gives you the right amount of connection with the world while still being on a learning environment.
The health and safety polices at this school is very awesome. The students and not a lowed bullying others. If found involved in bullying, you will be suspended and parents wi have to come and talk to the teachers before you are allowed to come back into the school. The school is locked during classes and visitors have to report to the office to get a visitor's pass in order to enter the school where students are. Nurses are always there and ready if you get hurt or sick. This is a safe and healthy school because it has good security, nurses are are always there and ready to do their job, and the tteacbers are always watching out for thoes students who get bullied.
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There is a lot of extracurricular opportunity at this school. Teachers are wi to stay after school and help the students if they student didn't understand how to do the homework. The after-school activities are open to every student who wants to try out. In fact, the administrators try to convince every student who wants to go out for the activity to go out. This is a small school which makes it easy for every student to get involved in activities.
My overall experience at this school has been awesome so far. The students don't segregate when it comes to races. For example, I'm one if the two black students at this school. And I would say this small school that had never had black students treated me like I am just the same color as them. The teachers are the same also. What makes this school unique is that the students are involved in every kind of activity in the school. Most the students are involved in four to five activities. And the school let's them as long as their grades are up. This makes the school unique because it cares about the students grades. And so if I could do it all again I would choose this school because of the way teachers care about the students grades, parents are supportive to all athletes not just their own kids, and most of all, the teachers try to be there to support their students.
All teachers at this school have a different style of teaching. This makes us as students to not get involved in just one style of being taught. It also makes the students to not get bored knowing that this teacher has a different way of teaching , brings intrest to the students. The teachers are also interested in students at all time. They walk around asking if you need help. This is very encouraging to us students to know that this teacher cares about our studys. They don't want us to fail just because we didn't understand it. And yes, these teachers are consistency in grading. They will put your grades in as soon as they can so you know if you need to correct it or not. They also don't play favorite when it comes to grading, they will give you the grades you earned. They are great teachers because they care about the students, always available when students need help, and last but not least, they are consistency in their grading.
I like how about everyone knows everyone, and are friends. It'd be a little hard not to make friends with people in this town. I really appreciate the expectations people place on each other to try their hardest and to do well. It makes it a lot more fun to attend a school like that.
The food, for the most part, tastes pretty good. Plus, the lunch ladies are awesome. Sometimes, if you're hungry enough, you can stop by, and they'll feed you a quick snack
The administration is pretty understanding here. The only person you have to watch out for is our high school principal. He is a zero-tolerance type of guy, which is good in its own way, but still a little bit of a cause of apprehension for the students
I like how the whole school will attend games against rivals, or homecoming games, and can really get behind the team, whether the sport is basketball, football, or anything.
I love the teachers here. Like all the adults, they are very involved in helping the kids grow. I enjoy learning at this school, and hope I can continue my personal growth at the rate that I've been at.
There's a lot of activities available here. The people in charge of the activities are really involved and interested in making each kid better as an individual person. I think, even in just the one year I've been here so far, I've grown a lot as a person, thanks to the adults in charge of the various activities I've done.
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