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Perham High School, has always been a place of creating a future. The amount of different classes and options at the school are remarkable. They let students branch out to all kinds of areas to see which suits them best. They encourage travel, encourage to see other parts of the country and world. They value to teaching and what they teach no matter which subject it is. They embrace all jobs and all career paths because they understand everyone has a different path in life. Once you choose a path and take classes catered to your future, they dive into depth, and not only teach, but provide real life experiences in the classroom. Perham High School is a very proud school and should be not only because of their teaching, but also because of the inspiration they give for the future of all students.
Perham High School has classes for every type of learner. There are college prep courses, food and sewing, a very progressive art department, a manufacturing company right in the school, automotive, superb special education teacher, and many physical education courses. I do wish there were more college in the school teachers, but we are able to take course online if we chose that. Perham High School supports all learners. We have fun too! There are pep fests, talent shows, community projects, lunch fun, and many organizations. Our school building is only three years old and is beautiful to be in.
Great teachers and staff. Brand new building with good location. Excellent high school sports. Draconian snack policies.
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I loved that my high school is very welcoming to new students. My experience with this school has been very good.
Trying to fit all the college level courses into your schedule was difficult. I didn't get to take some of the college courses I wanted to because of the counseling department.
I've attended six different schools in my twelve years of schooling.compared to other schools the Perham atmosphere teaches you how to be independent, and improve your time management skills which is what most benefited me. Each school I've been in has had its own list of pros and cons, but the students at Perham High School has made up most of Perham's pro-list. The students are taught to not only treat others how they want to be treated, but also to respect others as they respect themselves.

I love how active the community is with the Perham education system. Back in September, the entire Perham community was included in the Perham-Dent District homecoming parade. All staff, students, and parents had fun being apart of the parade, and supporting the varsity football team.

No other school I've been to has been so connected with the community, My experience has overall been very good, and I am glad that I got to spend my senior year here.
Very good staff that care for the students and try to help them no matter what. Kids are friendly and are very welcoming especially to new or foreign kids.
A variety of classes are available to choose from along with core classes. College courses are also available for Junior and Seniors with a good GPA
A good variety of activities and organizations are available
I have not met a teacher that was not caring and inspiring.
Resources such as school nurse or health aides are available. Security measures are in force and active. With a new facility being build, these items will only improve.
The entire school system is staffed with caring and knowledgeable teachers, coaches and leaders. Now that a new school facility is being built, this school will be head and shoulders above the average.
Not enough extra help available
They care for their students
We have great community support
We have great school support for extra activities
We have never had any problems or concerns. If there are problems I am not aware of any serious issues
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We have no security at our school. Anyone can enter and exit as they please. During the school hours, the side doors are locked and only the front door is open however, the side doors are easily pulled open and you can almost always find a door with a rock keeping it open.
The school building is in horrible shape. Leaky roofs, peeling paint, and poor heating are a few of the problems at Perham High School. Our school is said to be over 100 years old. While we are up to date with technology (through grants), we lack in other areas. We have NO college prep resources. In my graduating class, I probably wouldn't have been able to find one person who said they are totally prepared for college.
Perham High School excels in extracurricular activities. There are definitely more popular sports than others such as basketball, football, and volleyball. The less popular activities include robotics, yearbook, and FFA. All students have opportunities to join an activity that they will enjoy.
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