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Performing Institute of Minnesota (PiM) Arts High School Reviews

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A great arts school. If you enjoting dance, singing, playing instuments, theater, visual or media arts it would be a great fit. It is a smaller community so you get more ono-on-one time with teachers. They have great resources for students.
Couldn't have asked for a better high school. Everyone is extremely welcoming and open regardless of political beliefs and cultural differences. Each artist is given a place to showcase their talent fairly and are given the environment to flourish. So many opportunities and amazing people that I could not have experienced anywhere else.
This school is an open-minded, ahead of its time performing arts school. There is a diverse population of students, staff, and administration. Both the arts and academic areas of the school are challenging, yet enjoyable. The teachers are willing to stay after school or come in early to help and there are almost always plenty of students ready to put together a study group for a class. People here want to learn and the environment is serious, yet extremely welcoming and tons of fun!
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PIM is not a great place to be. Favoritism will kill the underdog and anyone who hopes to achieve anything in this school must fit the standards of a specific administrative teacher and director. Teachers are the only ones making this school worthwhile, along with a few decent students. Everyone is mellodramatic in the culture but somewhat supportive. Lots of highschool drama, but people act like everyone is "woke" or "above" stuff like that. If you can go to SPCPA, do it.
PiM/Mainstreet gave me the tools to improve as a student, as an artist, and as a person. I honestly wouldn't trade the time I've spent here for anything. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that this school literally saved my life.
At what is now called PiM Arts High School, you are encouraged to better yourself in your art. It is a safe place, very accepting, very diverse, and an amazing place to explore, create and perform.
I rate my school five out of five stars because it is the perfect environment for learning, growing, and achieving any goal you set your mind to. Since my high school is a performing arts high school, the teachers, staff, and students, all thrive and push towards learning and developing in a creative way. My school has no cliques, no boundaries, and no status quo. Everyone at my school has an amazing talent that they are encouraged to share with the community. My school has made me a better learner, a better artist, and most importantly, a better me.
Main Street, which is now known as PiM Arts High School in Eden Prairie is the school to be at. It is a safe place where you can grow in your art. Not to mention we now have media and visual arts so it is a well rounded school community. As a student who has been here since I was a freshman and am now an ambassador for the school, I have a lot of great things to say about the school.
The Academics and Arts are phenomenal. The legacy from MSSPA follows over to PiM in eden prairie where media arts and visual arts were added, expanding the diversity and reach of this already incredible institution. Also the building is better.
The culture of Main Street allows for a student to grow both academically and artistically; the bonds and friendships I formed with my peers are some of the most lasting relationships I have. I learned much about diversity in thought and perspectives through the utilization of art forms, and grew immensely in the four years I attended MSSPA. The school is constantly working on advancing technologically, to provide the best resources it can to its students. The faculty members are warm and friendly, and the atmosphere of the school is one in which a student finds it easy to grow as an individual.
I like the connection the students are able to have with their teachers. Since the school is so small, you are able to get to know everyone in the building. I also liked how well educated the teachers are and how passionate they are to teach the students.
Main Street School of Performing Arts has helped me grow and blossom as an artist and as a person. The teachers are so helpful and encouraging and I always feel like I can talk to them. I go to school everyday knowing that there is always more to learn, and more to improve on and I can't wait to get to class. I love how many different types of people go to my school and how the culture of our school preaches the unconditional love of others and acceptance of those different than you. You can always learn from people that are different than you, and you should!
This school works hard to make sure all students have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and after. The teachers are well versed in their practices for hard questions and topics outside of the classroom for exploration. I would say the biggest issue is that more advanced students are not always given a challenge. there are some challenging courses to take, but not until the later years of high school. But getting all your credits and required classes is a breeze, they are always following up to make sure you are still on track. They have senior meetings ever semester and check lists you complete every year so you know what classes to sign up for.
The over all expectation at this school is to be accepting. That is the emphasis of the school is that everyone has a friend or someone to go to and isn't afraid to be who they are or say what they want. People of all different backgrounds and life choices come to Main Street. We have a fairly large LGBTQ community and it shows in the diverse relationships and clothing choices. Many people have died hair, wear all kinds of fandom stuff and come to school in full on cosplay. The purpose of this school is to create. An one of its main points, is to create a place where everyone can feel safe being who they are.
There are lots of opportunities in both the arts(the purpose of the school) but there are also some more sport like events. There are support groups for those of the LGBTQ community and many people find this school to be their second home because they spend so much time there or in the area for school related things. There is a lot of variety in terms of what kind of arts are done in the departments of music, dance, and theatre.
This school has been with me every step of the way. There are many challenges especially as a teen when you are trying to find out where you fit in with the world around you. The world waits for no one and at this school I have been able to keep up. This is a performing arts school and I think that makes all the difference. They constantly engage in performance and looking at the topics in a creative way. Either in having us create something about it or challenging us to ask the big questions and try to answer them. I love this school for the students who always support each other. This school is extremely supportive and has created the person I am today. they always have given me the challenge and support I have need and wouldn't be the person I am today without them.
The teachers at my school have always been very supportive in anything and everything I have wanted to do. They understand when life happens and challenge me to go above and beyond of what even I expect of myself and are with me every step of the way. They all are creative and make sure I have everything I need to succeed. There are a variety of ways that they make sure students are successful and do the best they can. Bringing new light to the subjects they love so much these people have created a passion for learning and expanding on every level.
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MSSPA is a Performing Arts School. Their resources go into funding Performing Arts extracurricular activities. They have a wide range such as, two plays a year, one music, several choir concerts, several music concerts, and several dance concerts.
I was really able to find myself at this school. I felt comfortable being myself, and made many long lasting friendships.
The majority of the teachers at MSSPA are fantastic. They are passionate about what they teach, and want to be in class with their students.
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