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Performing Arts Community School at Diego Rivera Learning Complex Reviews

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If someone wants to become something that involves music or dance, it will help you, that is what I've heard and seen. They help you.
My experience at PACS Diego Rivera Learning Complex was great. You automatically fit in and everything is always in order. Most classrooms are organized and the teachers are the most caring and motivational people you'll ever meet.
I'm new to the high school I'm currently enrolled in, though in a short time I've already seen things that stand out to me. The teachers most of all. The teachers are understanding and try to help students in any way or form in order to help them achieve their goals, some going even further to try to help you outside of school. When I was new, in the beginning of 2018, a teacher noticed I was near sighted. I haven't had glasses for the last two years and wouldn't be able to have any anytime in the next few months due to financial problems. Said teacher took me aside, reassuring me they could help me. I declined their offer, though it's a gesture I'll hold dearly. Diego Rivera even offers Saturday school for all students that need help and extra tutoring, especially for AP students. Many teachers stay after school in order to assist students with the addition of college students participating for tutoring. I've had nothing but a great experience here.
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It's a very fun and creative school where us students can express ourselves. We enjoy activities and games where all the students can have fun and participate in sports and clubs. The teacher in this school are very supporting and motivating to reach our goals.
The staff are very caring to the students and want the best for them. They also give all the possible help they can give as long as he students look for it.
Every teacher is unique in their own way. They are ready to help and are always looking to see their students succeed. There isn't much to say, we are a very small school. The only thing is we could make our hallways a bit bigger and we are a performing arts school yet we don't have most of the arts that aren't just singing, art, or instruments. Overall the teachers can be very cool and they're very supportive.
What I like about performing arts is the community and the teachers. Although it's in a community thats known for the negative statistics, everyone is pushing to be more than what is expected of them. The teachers feel like second parents, there to guide you and help you along your path to graduating. The only thing i wish could change about this school would be the funding, they need more money to accomplish all the things they can to benefit the community.
I love the fact that this school goes to the extent of really teaching students how to become musicians , and that the teachers are so devoted to their jobs!
One thing that can glchange drastically would be the parent involvement; however, everything else is out standing. For example education, safety, resources, teachers, and staff
Yes it is very secure and a safe environment is provided for all students to succeed and excel to their full potential.
The after-school activities especially the athletics were amazing I had great seasons with great runs and also met unbelievable coaches that have shaped and impacted my life in a positive and prosperous way.
My favorite experience was senior night for both of the sports a played I felt very appreciated and recognized for my dedication and sacrifice to my school's athletics.
The teacher are dedicated to helping their students grow into better all around students and individuals.
This school in particularly, actually has meetings with their students atleast three times a month just to go over graduation requirements, grades, field trips etc. However it's unfair that only the selected ones are invited to field trips based on their GPA.
Majority of the teachers keep their students engaged in their everyday lessons, however the teaching styles can be better.
The culture in my school is the tipical hispanic culture and we allow and accept different kinds of cultures
Everything that students need are given
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I find the security very safe
Many of the extracurricular activitites are provided by the couselors which i find very good because we have there opinion to rely on.
Well overall, it has been very great and I enjoy the quality of work and assistent they give us
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