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Performing Arts & Technology High School Reviews

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Performing arts and technology is a very good high school. It’s very diverse and fun. We have a football basketball and valley ball team along with cheerleading , dance , drama , choir and band. The school opens up a wide variety of activities and it prepares us a lot for colleges. Safety is one of their top priority and the teaches are very welcoming towards the students.
I actually do like my school because they have numerous school program that interest me. My school have a dance program as well as programs like technology, Drama, Vocal, and Band. Even though I didn't partake in any of these programs due to the fact that I have a busy schedule, I wish I joined one of them because it's nun but fun and excitement seeing my classmates and schoolmates present. This made me have more interest in my school because presenting is not easy and it builds confident and increases the physical confident of the student. The only thing that my school needs to change is the menu of the fast food because they give us a certain food 2-3 days a week. I will appreciate it if they serves variety meals.
the school is really fun and colorful and have some nice teacher. The school holds close to 500 student .
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I like the school cause there was a great environment and a great staff. They always willing to help you if you need help. Not only school but both family and student issues they help you with. There a lot of activities going on at the school also. They have very good sporting teams with amazing coaching staffs. The school is very well organized also. The student have high grades on there regents and there a lot of students who graduated and moved on to college. Teachers are helping you eveystep of the way. The principle get involved also which is what I like also. He get involved with activities and supporting teams and students issues.
The teachers at my old school is great they love the kids help them understand the lessons and I believe they do care for all there students.
Clubs are not taken seriously only Sports.
The teachers are amazing, at least most of them. However the students, most of them are treating school as a game, there probably a hundred or more fight during the year. That's why very little teachers try their hardest to push students, but some just give students a passing grade just to get rid of them. The good part at this school was the extracurricular activities I have been apart of the school basketball and volley ball team. Have the same coach throughout the four years. With the requirement to pass all classes in order to play kept me going.
The extra curricular activities in the school are sports such as Google football track and field and more sports. Also there is tutoring for student after school. There is a decent amount of participation in sports. There's also a code in which if students who do not pass your classes do not play until they get their grades up. This makes students committed to school while playing sports/participating in extracurricular activities also.
The thing that makes the school unique is the help that students get. Students get the opportunity to talk to people who they need to when they have problem when they need help or when they just need a friend. The school has a great community of staff and students. The school has great programs, such as singing dance and theatre. If I had the opportunity to choose this school again I would because I had an great experience.
The teachers in the school are friendly. I feel comfortable going to school because I know my teachers want the best for me. I'm happy with the way I am taught. Also I am happy with the way I can go to my teacher for extra help at any time.
Although it has its flaw, Thomas Jefferson Campus is a family. We come together in our events and have a great time with each other. We didn't always get along but that went along with our learning experiences as we continued to learn from each other. It has caused me to grow into a lovely person and for that I will always be appreciative.
Students have to settle for frozen and packaged goods with minimal quality. Sometimes they utilize old milk. Students have a scarce selection of options such as turkey sandwiches, pizza, burgers and fries, etc
Instead of offering students assistance the first option is to punish them and have them removed from school when that solves nothing. Parents should be more involved in PTA meetings to help administer school rules and funding as well. Bullying is over looked and there wasn't a dress code before but there is now! Attendance is horrible and with the assistance of parents, could definitely show some benefits with effort.
Thomas Jefferson is really big on sports and all of the students engage in their games and support our team even after they have graduated.
The teachers put in hard work, despite the lack of technological equipment available to students.
There were vast options of dance, drama, photography, men's empowering club, basketball, football, track, and cheerleading.
Could have been a little more challenged in high school and should have participated in more activities.
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this school is not bad at all this is really good especially when it comes to health and safety
yes it is very good
The food is really good
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