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Performing & Fine Arts High School Reviews

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The school was really nice. I felt like I fit in and had a lot of classes to offer. I did not always feel like the faculty cared about the opinions of other students or how we felt about certain topics. Overall the academics were well and the clubs and other services as well. There was barely any parent involvement in the school.
This academy is filled with students who are uneducated and incapable of writing a simple sentence. Theres a class where students are learning how to multiply, and yes im talking about a normal senior math class. Its ridiculous that a school as big as LHS is getting wasted by low minded people. What comes out of these peoples mouths honestly disgust me.
Teachers do not get students ready for a higher education. Teachers are also too laid back.
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There were plenty extracurricular activities offered at this highschool
This school was definitely interesting, the best part about it is that it mixed education and creativity. While of course students were required to take the basic classes (English, math, science, history, etc.) we were also available to take art classes such as; Choir, Theatre, band, photography, etc.
The teachers were amazing! they did everything they can to make sure their students were successful and achecived their goals.
At this school you will meet a principal who genuinely "cares" but won't take a minute of her time to listen to any ones opinion. Her opinion is the only one that matters. Teachers will grade your work before you even finish it and move too fast for anyone in class and not go back even when asked. If you don't understand whats going on the only thing they will do is point you out as being a wrong example
There is not very much diversity. Majority of the school is Hispanic.
We have no options other than the lunch that is served and it is usually the most nauseating thing they can find.
I graduated the 1st of June, and I can honestly say that my school has prepared me for college and the "real world". Throughout the college process, I was able to go to multiple offices that assisted me with financial aid, applying for college, and many other things. Throughout my four years of high school, I was also able to take 2+ arts classes. It was very exciting, and I quickly discovered my passion for theater after my first year. Through theater, I was able to fly to England and Scotland, where I performed a show at the Fringe Festival. I learned how to travel, manage my time, and save money on my own. I am now planning to go to school for technical theater in the future. My younger sister is also attending this same school, and I hope that she is able to discover her passion and seek for help in the future when she begins the college process.
In my school bullying is not permitted. We the students, faculty and staff try our best to help out others student that are being bullied. Attendance is affects students grades and when students miss a day of school the administration school are always paying attention to those students and they also call home to check if the student is okay.
The teachers in my school are very smart, they are focus on students and to help them succeed in high school as well in the real life. They give us a lot of advice and are very fair.
For fun I stayed after school almost every day in dance class. I took cultural dances and ballet as well. I also went to bible club on Monday. It was fun and I learned a lot of things I didn't know before.
My favorite experience in school was meeting such good friends and now they are like sister to me. I will never regret going to Performing and fine arts high school because during my four years all I had was fun, I learned a LOT! I'm more mature than what I was than.
The teachers are the best!! If I have any question or problem I can reach to any of the teachers at PFA and they will gladly help me through it.
Students get involve in almost all the sports such as wrestling, softball, baseball, and basketball. Now I see girls playing tennis i think its kind of new because Its my first time in 4 years i see them play
The buildings are in pretty good shape because the school was recently built. Some of the pillars in the school could use some work. Teachers are most likely willing to help, but it is the students who do not want the help some times.
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Photography class was the most enjoyable and good skill to learn. You realize your creativity potential is.
A lot of the students here take the easy way out and slack in high school, not much encouragement. But the counselors/teachers do try and make students be successful, it just takes the individual of each student to put in an effort to try.
The high school is brand new only 6 years old, it's one of the biggest high school in the state. All the school staff help you 100% with SATs, college applications, and even take you on college fairs.
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