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Percy L Julian High School Reviews

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Great school, great faculty and staff. Students are very eager to learn. I am officially a senior at this school i been basically all of my high school years
Great spirit, a little underfunded but that's expected to change for next year. Great school, very involved.
The school time and the academics because it will better prepare each student for the next level. Most schools aren’t preparing the students for college enough
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I like the classes I think they could change the class size a little bit also they could change the way the school is and looks I like the the programs that julian have and the things we is being taught because it gets us ready for college
What I like about Percy Julian High School, is the effort the staff put in to make sure all students are successful and on track for graduation. I also like the programs that are held, its an extra support system that student a lot of times are in need of. The change i want to see in Percy Julian is amount of assembly's being held to bring the school together as one so the students can build relationships with one another so there they are in an peaceful environment.
As an alumni, I loved Julian. I was a transfer student, and even though we were low funded, my school still made sure that every student felt as though they were going to be great. My mom didn't want me to go to Julian because its a public school and she thought I'd be bullied. Every high school has bullying, it's up to the person to let it effect your studies. Julian helped me learn who I was and how to believe in myself. Julian also had plenty of sports and programs for students. I joined water polo, the swim team, Mic Terroists poets, and even had the chance to run the student Audio Activism Facebook page.
My experience at Percy L. Julian is actually great. I like it because the staff and administration are always willing to help and push students to reach success. The only thing that should change is the teaching process because not every student learns the same or pick up on information than others.
My experience at Percy L Julian was very exciting. We Celebrated together as a family. The environment was very loving and friendly , and our teachers always made sure the students was on task and on top of their business and grades. They made sure everyone in my class graduated on time .
I am not originally from Julian because i transferred in last year, but i had a good two year experience. Within my two years I admired that the school offered students to join clubs and sports to stay out of gun violence and supporting behavior from the teachers. I will like to see Julian with more access to computers and cleaning to help prevent bugs and water contamination.
My experience at Julian have been wonderful I have got to meet new & very kind people. I love how the teachers treat us with respect. I would just like to change the fact about them not letting us get passes unless we have an emergency.
Percy L. Julian is one of the best high schools on the south side of Chicago. It houses many great students who are college bound. The teachers prepare students for college to the best of their ability.
Percy L Julian high school helps students develop key skills they are going to need to succeed in life.
I've had a wonderful experience attending Percy L. Julian High School. This school has an amazing staff that stop at nothing to make sure the student stay on track, and pushing them get good grades. At this school the teachers pay attention to the students and really make a connection, they'll make you feel like they're there for more than a check.
In my years attending Percy l Julian High school our main focus is post secondary success life after highschool. Before we got new principals the school was clean, work was understandsable, and school was more exciting to come to.
I Like some of the the staff also i like the after school activities. I like how the teachers help the students. What really make me like my school is the fact that the staff helps me try to find a college that fits me , also they push up to do better and be a better person. They also give us support at our events. i like how if you need them they will find a way to solve your problems.
Percy L Julian is a school with tons of history and background. It can be a very good school when the students and teachers work together as a team. The students are very lively and the teachers do what they can when it comes to the students.
My rating strictly regards the health policies at the school. They are terrible, this school only has a nurse present once a week for half a day.
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The main teachers that really put effort into the students are the sophomore teachers. The rest do the bare minimum to assure students success.
Some teachers put in a lot of effort to make sure students graduate and some teachers doesn't care that much and is only there for the pay
The teachers at PLJ taught me a lot . They treated me with the upmost respect and treated me like family. Most of them are part of the reason I'm currently enrolled in college right now . Most of my teacher helped me in and out of school if I needed help with something .
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