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Pequot Lakes Senior High School Reviews

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I like how forward moving PLHS is. The school has an overall attitude of striving to make the world a better place.
Pequot Lakes High School is filled with kind people ready to help you. The athletic facilities are great and include a three-court gym, a high quality weight room, and an extra auxiliary gym that were all recently added on. All high school students are given a chrome book that they can use for the remainder of their high school career, which provides a wide range of opportunities.
I moved to PLHS for my sophomore year of high school and it was a great experience for me. Everyone was very welcoming to me and it was a great place to go to high school.
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I love how everyone knows everyone. The teachers are great and really care about their students. We have a lot of oppurtunites with college courses that we are able to take as well. Our school has a lot of pride and it supported by a great community!
I really enjoy how small the school is because you have the chance to get to know everyone. This can also be a predicament, though, if you're the kind of person who dates a lot. Your dentist could end up being the fater of your ex, and that would kind of suck.
The teachers are amazing, and they actually try and help you if you're having trouble in a class. You just get to know everyone on a better level then if you went to a bigger school.
Overall, I am enjoying my years at Pequot Lakes High School tremendously. I have lived in the area my whole life and found that the school is very close to the community. I have always felt comfortable in school. Everyone; students, teachers, and other staff members make Pequot High a friendly environment. I have been given various opportunities. Programs that aren’t offered in all schools. I am on the Varsity dance team, Varsity speech, Student Council, NHS, and Spanish Club. Pequot High offers activities for everyone. Just a few examples are football, cross country, tennis, trap shooting, art club, hockey, wrestling, track and field, golf, and something recently added, robotics. As you can see, we have many clubs and teams that bring our school together. Within the Student Council, we try our best to find ways to bring together everyone. At PLHS it is important to be accepting. Pequot is not very diverse, but we make sure that everyone feels welcome, regardless of who they are.
There I almost no diversity at our school, but that's understandable because we are a northern small town school.
We have a program where you can graduate with your A.A. degree. Super awesome!
The health and safety policies are okay, could be better though. There is a lot of bullying :(
There a lot of different extracurricular opportunities! The clubs and organizations I am in are of very high quality and are very fun. Our Mock Trial Team is absolutely fantastic and has gone to state the past 3 years! Some clubs struggle with commitment, but that's because a lot of kids in the clubs are in everything so they struggle to be committed to every club they join.
Overall, my experience at this school has been great! What makes this school amazing is that it is led by a principal and school board that truly care about the student's, their success, and their wellbeing. Sometimes, I wonder about maybe what life would be like if I went to a bigger school with more diversity and options, but I think Pequot Lakes High School has the perfect balance of not being too big where student's don't get enough one on one attention and not being too small where there isn't enough educational and extracurricular options.
Honestly, most of all the students in our school are amazing! I have learned so much from and developed great relationships with a lot of the teachers. They are constantly trying their hardest to make sure that the students succeed and will survive in the real world outside of high school
The small school size enables students to find the perfect club or group for them, adding to each student's high school experience.
Our school handles safety situations appropriately.
There are no healthy alternatives available.
We have very rational policies. The system works very well and the staff appropriately handles each situation.
With small classes, we are able to form personal relationships with the teachers.
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Because of the small class sizes, it is easy to become involved in many organizations.
The lunches that Pequot Lakes School provides have no nutritional value and there are very few options provided, especially for those of us who maintain a mostly organic, unprocessed food diet.
The administration is not a very diverse group of people and the effects are negative because of it. I do not believe that the best interest of students is always kept in mind.
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