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I loved the fact that each student received their own laptop. I transferred over from a school that had the same amount of online work but any student without a computer or access to one was SOL. With my own laptop, I was able to excel in my studies and receive straight A's my junior year. I met friends who accepted me as I was and we are still friends even though we are no longer in high school. A funny thing about this school is that the teacher who taught me algebra in my old school actually transferred over to this school. I happened to be in her algebra 2 class and she made me fall in love with math again. Then I went into pre-calculus and was not so in love with it anymore. I also loved my honors English teacher, he always made the class laugh and encouraged us all to have fun but work while doing it. Overall my experience at Pequea Valley School District was a great one and I am truly grateful that I transferred to it.
I did not mind Pequea. It was not the best school but it also was not the worst. I would have liked to see more college preparedness happen. Also, I wish they had not given out laptops. I prefer pen and paper when learning in school. Pequea was a decent school. It had its flaws like any other school but overall was not a bad school.
What a very warm and caring place. I just love it there. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in any way. The administration is 2nd to none and it is a pleasure working with them. Coming from a larger school district the students are a breath of fresh air. For the most part the students are hard workers and a joy to work with.
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I loved the flexible schedule and different opportunities offered at Pequea Valley. For example, you could participate in a work study, internship, dual enrollment, CTC, or free periods.
The schools health and safety is pretty good. I think they should have an unarmed security guard just so some of the students don't act stuck up and cocky and think that they can get away with things that they aren't supposed to do. Other then security, everything else is good.
The clubs that Pequea has are very fun and good to have in order to meet people that you wouldn't normally talk to. They can be very challenging but fun at the same time. Everyone helps each other out, so they can all do better.
What makes this school unique would be the willingness the teachers have to make sure every student has success. My favorite experiences would have to be the pep-rally and also just sports games and plays that go on during the school year. The class sizes are small enough that everyone gets the education that they need.
The teachers at the school I went to are very helpful and they would try there best to not have anyone fail their class. They always know how to keep it interesting and we get work done and on time.
This school offers a lot of clubs to participate in and the some of the teachers are also active within the clubs. They do things that makes the club enjoyable.
This school is a smaller school so you really get to know everybody. Their was little to no conflict between students because they know each other so well. Most students are involved with sports and support each other.
The teachers at this school really care how you do in school. They do what ever it takes to get you a passing grade and sometimes take time out of their day to help you after school. The use a teaching method that best works for you as a student.
I would say the nursing staff is ok, usually they just give you some crackers and tell you to lie down no matter what you say is wrong with you though. If there is an emergency, it is effectively taken care of, which is good. Sometimes there are random drug sweeps, but it is a big deal if there are police officers at the school, because it does not happen very often. I am not afraid because of this, rather I see it as comforting, as there is not really a need for police there very often. I think the school is relatively safe and have never been scared for my personal safety.
I wish there would be more clubs and organizations to participate in. Since PV is a small school, I understand how they might not have the required participation for such clubs like larger schools would have. I did not have a lot of time to participate in any other clubs, as I was already in NHS and all the musical organizations, but I do wish they had some more sports teams, specifically a track and field team, as I think a lot of people would participate in that (including myself).
The school's music program is phenomenal, and it is what really made my high school experience so great. I was very involved in both the choral and band programs, and I would participate in county, district, regional, and state festivals, which (especially for chorus), I accredit to the good teaching I received. My music friends were family, especially the Chamber Singers, which was a special organization to be involved in for me. The memories I made singing with that group at so many different places (including Disney and Toronto) are some that will last me a lifetime.
I took all honors and AP classes in high school, and the teachers that taught those classes were great and were extremely helpful. I did very well on all three of the AP tests I took, and I accredit that to my good teachers, especially for AP Biology. The teachers I had were very well informed on their topics.
They are very concerned about the safety of their students. The school nurse is always available, all doors are locked and monitored during school hours, all visitors must sign in, and any threat is taken seriously to the highest level.
There are a wide variety of extracurriculars ranging from the ski club to FBLA. They are all widely supported by the administration and popular among the students.
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I think it could have a few more high level courses to make it more challenging for some students.
Most of the teachers are engaging in their lessons.
Almost all the teachers are always there to help and really do go out of there way to help the student. They do whatever they can to help student in there education.
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