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Pequannock Township High School Reviews

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The school is amazing. The sports are fantastic, and the teachers are really good and very involved. They treat you as a friend or even your age or older, they never treat you as a child.
I would like to see more "real life" interactions and preparation for the real world. It would also be very helpful if administration were to listen to the students and what changes they would like to see. The purpose of high school is to make the best decisions for the students and sometimes I feel like that is not always the case. Besides this, the school is super supportive of one another. It is a great place to be. Academic wise, it is challenging and the teachers are very qualified.
One of the greatest things at Pequannock Township High School, which I have realized over the past few years, is the teaching staff and administration. I can say from personal experience, that almost all of the teachers I have had are people who I know I can go to for extra help and feel comfortable around to ask any questions I may have. Additionally, the administration as a whole makes Pequannock Township High School a safe and secure place to attend, especially as a young adult. I can most definitely say that my great experience at this school is due to the individuals I have the opportunity to interact with every day.
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The administration never listens to students, parents, or teachers, even when students go in groups to complain or prove a point they will do nothing.
I liked the small community of the high school since I grew up with all of the people I went to school with. I liked a lot of my teachers and I felt challenged by many classes that have helped me in college.
Pequannock had a handful of very good teachers at the school. But the board of ed would try to fire some of the best teachers so they didn't have to tenure them and unfortunately they were successful with a few of them.
I attended between the Fall 2012 and Spring2016. Despite many wonderful teachers & small but outstandingly talented music program, the administration, for the most part, was absolutely horrible. My grade had 4 (technically 5) principals during our 4 years there (& our 1st principal was an absolute disaster) and 3 different superintendents (the 1st 2were utterly and completely atrocious, though the 3rd was genuinely good and a vast improvement). Our school was also far too focused on the meaningless aspects of college preparation & not nearly focused enough on preparing us for lives in the real world as adults. The school was also set on destroying what had been for a long time one of the greatest music programs in the area, despite the love of the students in the program, the program's long and impressive history, & the efforts of everyone involved to stop them from shutting down one of the only aspects of that high school worth half a care.
Overall, I had a great experience at Pequannock Township High School. I learned a lot and many of the classes I took helped prepare me for the future ahead. However, I am a little disappointed our school removed some of the basic living classes they offered before I attended it. I would have loved to take a cooking class, because that is a skill I will find very useful down the road. In addition, our school is known for not keeping teachers when they need tenure. One of my favorite teachers got fired this past year because of this issue. It is annoying that good teachers are getting fired for monetary issues. New teachers won't want to work for our school because of the bad reputation that is starting to form. Besides these small hiccups, I had a great time at the school and I wouldn't change anything that I did for my four years at Pequannock Township High School.
They offer a lot of different English and history social studies class variety of science classes and of all levels from academic to AP and buiseness classes tend to be the most popular
the student involvement is pretty good and the diversity among sexual orientation is good kids are very accepting,we don not have much racial diversity so its hard to answer that question the 1 % we have I guess is good.
We have a good drama club,i am part of FBLA,and the Hope club, they keep me very busy
the learning aspect ,in my opinion was very good,because I enjoy learning I feel its up to the student on what type of education you receive.I had some really good classes and truly enjoyed the drama class Im not sure if I would choose this school again I happen to like change I would like to see the difference in other high schools.
I respectfully say that the teachers are ok because it does depend on the teacher you get ,while there are some teachers that go above and beyond to help students,We do have teachers that make it unapproachable to get helpthat the students need.
If they will let you into their upper-level classes (which they don't enjoy doing), you can seriously excel. If not, then you won't be receiving that great of an education. They (the administration) place way too much emphasis on test scores and not nearly enough on actual learning.
There are only white people. In my four years of education I can recall less than a dozen students who were not white.
The school had a fantastic music program and the administration treated it like dirt and now they're suffering because of it. But don't worry - they still glorify their sports teams. Other types of clubs may or may not exist.
There are a lot of crazy parents who don't know how to let their children go. There are a lot of crazy parents who are way too into sports. There are apathetic parents who just don't care and let their children fail at school and at life. And as always, there are some really excellent (band) parents.
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There are a few teachers who are superb, many teachers who are great, a majority of teachers who are decent/good, and some who are just awful.
Pequannock has offered me a lot of opportunities throughout my high school career, but the lack of stability has always been scary. Pequannock High School has a reputation of firing and laying off teachers before tenure. Teachers are always coming in and out, and in a way it has made the students stand together. Every student attends every board meeting to talk and try and save teachers who get laid off for no reason. The teachers are very personal and care a lot, and academically I believe we achieve success. The lunch is never too great though, and the bathrooms never have soap in them. Our sports and clubs get a lot of support, but barely any for the arts side.
Again, my oldest has done fine, not happy with the experience of my younger daughter but we will be sending her to private high school.
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