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I have had great experiences with Pepperell High School and they have helped me to get where I want to be.
Teacher need to be more accessible and that way kids get more involve. There also has to be better food and more nicer sub for the teacher,also kids are some what nice
I have been going to Pepperell schools since the fourth grade. When I transferred from another district to Pepperell, I realized how far behind I actually was. Since becoming a Dragon, I have been able to realize my full potential. I tested and was accepted into the Gifted program. Through this, I have made all my best friends that I have had since middle school. Through my good grades and a good reputation, I have been able to attend Movie festivals, help run and create a fully functional coffee shop through a local coffee shop in our small town. I am beyond thankful for the amazing opportunities Pepperell has offered me.
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I like pepperell high school because the academics were really high standards for students so that they could accomplish more than the average student.
Pepperell High School has a great staff and great teachers that prepare us for the next level of lives whether it's college of the labor force. I would like to see more class variety offered at the school.
Pepperell High School is a highly involved community driven school. They are always looking for ways to give back to the Lindale community. They offer a wide range of extracurricular as well as an immense amount of groups/clubs to ensure that every student finds a place they feel they belong. In addition, Pepperell is known for its high test scores, and achieves some of the highest SAT and standardized test scores in North-East Georgia. They excel in both sports and the arts, and strive for excellence in everything they do. Most of these achievements are made possible by the amazing faculty and staff that goes above and beyond for every student who walks through the doors. Go Dragons!
I started at Pepperell in the 11th grade. I changed from private school to get a broader experience going into college, I loved my school, I made friends so easily, and I loved our band. I wish that the school would have done a little more to support the fine arts in our school and in the whole county, sports are way over funded, and we barely get the scraps of what we need to make do. Over all though, I loved my high school.
Pepperell High School is a place where you can be yourself and have fun advancing in school and sports. The atmosphere is electric and it is the best school in Floyd County hands down.
Pepperell High was a great school. There were facilities and faculty members for every student - from those with extra needs to those who excel. The staff were always professional and the administration was always in touch with the students.
I loved the teachers and how they were always very helpful. The principle, Mr. Alcorn, is very caring and engaged with the students, and knows every one of them by name
When I first moved there, I had a hard time making friends. I typically have a hard time regardless of where I am (I am a bit unusual) but I did eventually gain a good group of friends. Most of the teachers and staff were nice and helpful. The education environment was nice and calm. They always made sure that the kids were safe. Over all it was a nice experience.
it is a great school everyone wants to go there ,its really nice and clean.therefore the teachers are awsome and they are happy to help their students to sucess
I have lived in the Pepperell Community my entire life and come from a family of Dragon Alumni. For as long as I can remember, school has always been one of my top priorities. I remember begging to go to school at an early age and crying when school let out for holidays or summer vacation. There honestly are not enough words to describe the greatness of Pepperell. We-students and teachers alike, are a small family. We all stick together through the good and the bad. Mr. Alcorn,our principal, cares about our grades and how well we are doing academically but he doesn't stop there. He goes to the extent of checking on your well being as well. He genuinely cares about the school and his students. Throughout my time at Pepperell High School, I don't think I have met a teacher that doesn't care or doesn't go above and beyond the classroom standards. They look for the good in each and every one of us. I'll forever love Pepperell and what it means to me.
I went all 4 years . Great Experience! Classes helped me prepare for college ! Teachers also keep in contact after graduation!
I like the fact that the teachers care about your grades. They try to help improve if you are failing. I dislike how some teachers even administrators pay more attention to the athletes or the "popular kids". When a nonpopular student walk pass the teacher/administrator won't say anything to the student, but if an athlete or a "popular student walks pass he/she would greet them may even joke around with them.
"Good morning Miss Jesse I hope your day is wonderful". I hear these same words every single time I set foot into Pepperell High school. Pepperell High is a small, AA high school in the tiny town of Lindale, Georgia. However, the smaller student body makes for a second family. Everyone knows everyone. You walk down the halls and see smiling faces, no matter what the circumstances are. Pepperell High has made it through multiple obstacles over the years; some of the obstacles seem unsurmountable. But nothing is impossible for the fighting and tenacious spirit of the Pepperell dragon. Heart breaking doesn't even begin to describe the anguish that we have felt over the years. We always fight through and become stronger that we ever have been. Everyday brings a new challenge and thanks to PHS, I am prepared for that challenge.
I will be finishing my high school years with Pepperell, and in my last four years, for the most part, Pepperell has been nothing but good to me.
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Pepperell High School provided me with great opportunities throughout my high school career. Pepperell has a great diversity of students, and that's what's so great about the school. The students know how to work wit one another very well, and the faculty makes it a warm environment to be in everyday. All my teachers I've had has gone above and beyond in order to help me succeed in my academics and hopes for my future.
Pepperell high school is a school located in small town Lindale, GA. The Lindale community is very supportive and involved in the weekly activities. Pepperell has many opportunities to become involved(clubs,groups,sports,etc.). The teachers at Pepperell or highly qualified and are always willing to help. My experience a Pepperell high has been completely satisfactory. Pepperell high and the Lindale community make anyone welcome and always provide encouragement to anyone in need of it.
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