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Pepper Elementary School Reviews

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When I saw the step team perform I was taken aback on how good they were. Pepper also has an excellent choir, a really good basketball team and a great cheer team.
Pepper school have really good teachers that know and understand our children. Most of them look like they have teaching for some time. My son teacher has made himself available to assist him in the morning before school starts.
Mr. Haley is a very effective principal and a great role model for my son. He is always available to meet with parents and the secretary is very kind and helpful. I love their dress code and how it is enforced. The principal deals with all students fairly. The school is ran very well.
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The building is exceptionally clean, the floors are always shiny and the grass is cut regulary. Parents are encouraged to get involved and are always in the school. The Title I programs provide support for children who need extra support.
I was blown away with the school spirit the Pepper Panther basketball team, cheer team, step team and school choir are excellent. It is very impressive to see how the parents support the school and its activities.
The school is very orderly and ran well. All behavioral issues are addressed swiftly and fairly. My son really loves his school. Pepper School has a variety of assemblies and activities that promote positive behavior.
The staff is very professional, caring, and communicates to parents regularly. The principal is always available to meet with parents. The curriculum is strong with an emphasis on the "basics" and problem solving skills. Pepper school has an excellent support staff and a lot of afterschhol programs.
The principal is very responsive to any behavioral issues. The principal is very visable during dismissal and entry time. Pepper school is very secure and safe for all children. All adults are required to sign in and must wear a vistors pass at all times while in the building.
What I really like about Pepper school is that the staff is very kind and the principal is always available to meet with parents. The school is very orderly, the students are well behaved, and they offer a varitey of afterschool programs. My son was struggling with his reading and hated math. They placed him into their Title I intervention program and he has grown to love math and improved on his reading because of the support given to him by the school. Also the building is very clean and kept up very well. Previously my son was in a DPS school and it was terrible, I'm am so glad I enrolled my son at Pepper Elementary School!
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