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Pepin High School Reviews

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The school had improved in its security and now there is a secured door only allowed by the secretary and cameras everywhere.
The sports, clubs and organizations were great, really engaged the students to participate. With the outside community and the village.
The counselors helped majority of the time. The bullying was frowned upon. The dress code was strict. The attendance policy was highly up kept.
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There wasn't a lot of food for school plus the quantity had slimmed and the quality of the food was displeasing.
It is a small school and it allows the one on one aspect between the teachers and students occur more.
The final days were great, the experiences and guide lines for the real world prepared me for secondary education.
The academics offered include general classes and AP/ honors classes. Students can take anything from wood shop to band to honors and ITV classes. Some honors classes require certain prerequisites for entry, like solo ensamble before honors band or choir.
We've has a few lock downs, while a certain person was threatening the school and no students could leave the building and all the teachers would secure the doors. The administration and police always take these threats seriously, which brings comfort to the parents and the town.
The condition of the school building is good, sometimes the facilty doesn't turn on the air or the heat during the cold and hot weathers. Lately the school has recently installed cameras and it's quite annoying and ridiculous but it's security purposes.
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