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Pepin never gave up on me. I would have not been able to get through highschool if not for Pepin. There are amazing teachers and staff!
Pepin was amazing.... they help one on one if we are struggling really bad. They are passionate to help their students succeed they never let their students fail. I've been at pepin since 4th grade and now I'm a senior graduating and it's been an awesome school they really helped me academically and testing wise..... I'm really bad at testing and I get really nervous but when I started testing at pepin they made me feel more confident and comfortable.
The academics at this school offer students with the opportunity to engage in the lesson while socially interacting with their peers. The lessons are always geared towards the specific needs of each and every student.
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The extracurricular activities at the school provide students: fun, stimulating, and hand-on opportunities that are challenging, but achievable.
The school has taught me to carry on with life through even the toughest of challenges.
They teach their lessons based on your specific needs.
People with disabilities have a lot to offer. We might not be great at somethings but we all have our strengths. Supporting each other can lead to greatness.
I love the learning environment, the teachers made you feel like you were at home. Though the work was not that challenging. I learn to become a helping hand in the classroom, helping my peers was super fulfilling.
Tutoring, and guidance was always available. After school, before school tutoring, for every class or if you just need help on a project. The guidance counselor the is amazing. There is only one, but that's because it's a small school. She helps as much as she can and you can come to her no matter what.
The food at Pepin is cooked by cheifs and sometimes by the students in the culinary program. I never tried it and I knew I never would because it didn't look that good. I brought my own lunch.
At the pass schools I've attended, peer pressure and acceptance was always an issue. Pepin doesn't have those issues because everyone there is like a family. The students there face different challenges each day. Every student tries and helps one another which makes the environmet easy to fit in.
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