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I liked how small the classes were. You would get more help from your teacher. The school also offered early college classes which would prepare you for college level classes as well as taking the course and receiving a college credit. It would have been a better change to add more sports to the school, more after school activities, as well as assistance for the students who are about to graduate to receive more assistance for applying to colleges, applying for scholarships, etc.
The school has not had a nurse in 5 years. We go to the front office for a Bandaid or go home. Someone can easily walk in the always unlocked front door, pass the front desk (many times nobody is there), walk though all the halls, and leave without anybody confronting them. Many students and parents have high concerns about poor security.
All after school activities are only in place because students had to start them up and pay for it themselves with very little administration support. We currently have National Honor Society, Basketball, and Volleyball. Most of which are very disorganized without adult leaders.
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A benefit is that the school offers small classes. However, the administration is corrupt and unorganized.
Most teachers do not have developed teaching styles or knowledge about the subject they are teaching. Most of class work is in the books while the teachers sit at their desk.
The health and safety at this school is okay.
My overall experience at this school has been great. Besides the lack of sports and activities, there has been unforgettable experiences like the field trips. For example, going to Biosphere 2 and being part of the first high school student group to do experiments there.
The food services at this school are good.
This school does not have athletic facilities due to the lack of sports and fitness.
The teachers at this school are qualified with teaching styles, knowledge, and consistency in grading.
Extracurricular opportunities at this school are not many. Clubs and organizations are not very well supported by the administration or students.
There are better schools with better electictives.
Last year someone got suspended for a petition.
The teachers are devoted to students' education.
There are a total of four clubs; NHS, Learn and Serve, Student council, and maybe volleyball. There are not enough clubs, and the school is small so there's also not much space available or enough students interested in joining clubs.
I like this school because they offer college credits
The principle is very unfair and has no professionality
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