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Peotone High School brought many great aspects to my education but I also feel like my education was hindered since the school didn't have very many resources. As I came to college, I discovered that many other student came in with dual credit classes from their high school but that wasn't offered to us. I do feel as though the students became a family and we all worked together to find common interests. Without the relationships I made with the teachers, I wouldn't have been able to find such an amazing college to attend. The teachers really did work hard to make the classes as enjoyable, yet challenging as possible. Not only was I involved in sports, but I participated in many extracurricular activities such as Science club, Best Buddies, Student Council and many more. Even though Peotone High School didn't have the best resources available, the educators put a considerable amount of effort into making sure we had as many opportunities as possible to thrive after high school life.
Small school with around 500 students in total. Class sizes of 24 or less. located in a small country town. Many staff members and teachers left after a financial problem. I had almost 4 different principles in my 4 years and seemed like there was a new gym teacher everyday. Academics where very easy, so they didn't prepare me for college at all.
I went to Peotone High School for all four years and thought all four years the teachers have been very helpful! My High School wouldn't have been the same without helpful teachers!
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Peotone has some of the best teachers you’ll ever meet. However they are one of the poorest schools and it’s shows in their academics. They put all of the money they have towards sports leaving the teachers with very little to work with.
I liked that Peotone High School was very close with the community and that every kid in school knew each other. Unfortunately, due to being in a small town , Peotone lacked a lot of diversity in its school district. But overall, Peotone High School has good sports programs and clubs along with a good selection of classes to help kids prepare for college or their work field they plan to go into post graduation.
Peotone High school has a lot of days off, but has a lot of school spirit, although sometimes there has been drama throughout Freshman year.
Peotone High School is a very positive school that strives to give its students a full education to prepare them for college.
I didn't like how they handled bullying, they often brushed it under the rug.
They didn't punish people for bullying, and it often wasn't handled properly.
They need to change.
My overall experiences at this school haven't always been that good, but I've tired to stay focused on my chosen path, which is success.
I feel as though the teachers that work at Peotone High School don't give their all into teaching their students.
The academics are pretty good! The college readiness could improve!
The safety policies are pretty good. We do enough drills that we would know what to do. The school is set up nice for safety.
There definitely could be more clubs that meet everyone's taste. Of course the lack of money is a big factor. For the clubs we have, I'd say they're decent!
I really like the fact that everyone knows each other. I had a good high school experience. The most memorable things for me were the homecoming games!
The quality of most teachers are great. It's the readiness for college and the real world that needs work. The science department needs some improvement.
Most of the teachers have good teaching styles that create an ideal learning environment. Many go above with making sure that their lessons are suitable.
The teachers here are amazing at there job and may not be appreciated at times
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The school is alright. Most of the teachers are there to help but some teachers are victims of favoritism. The classes are challenging and fun overall.
There are a handful of memorable teachers who make the school experience amazing. They are always ready to help. That's what made the school amazing. It's a good size school and safe. It's best to not eat the food. Academically, they should be more willing to help you thrive outside of school and other programs.
Our athletic support is provided by students and staff which makes up for the absence of our fields.
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