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Peotone Elementary School Reviews

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Teachers are awesome... most of them go above and beyond for the students and it shows.
The staff and the families that make up this school are awesome. The genuinely care about each other and if someone gets hurt in the town, they are all their for support. We are a farming community and have a very wide area (open fields) that cover the school zone, however we don't have the revenue or tax dollars we need to get the baseball fields, or soccer fields or even a track built. Wish someone would be able to help with that.
the are on top of things and handle things if they arise.
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wish we would offer swimming, or guys bowling, etc. we don't have our own track or fields, have to share with the junior high.
seems to be drugs in the area and not much being done.
we dont have our own baseball fields, football fields or track. we have to go to the junior high for those.
my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, and they worked with her and the specialists to accomodate and help her in her struggles. she is in honors courses and doing well.
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