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Peoria Notre Dame High School Reviews

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Peoria Notre Dame High School offers students ability to improve in all aspects of life. Opportunities in athletics and academics are everywhere. The teachers really care about students here, they are always available to meet with if a student has concerns. This school is very successful in athletics, but sports are not the focus of the school. Notre Dame strives to prepare students for college and beyond. Students here push themselves to be their best in their school work, you can see that through the ACT scores. The atmosphere here is very healthy. There are very minimal issues between students, and the school spirit is strong. Whether a student is into art, band, sports, or theater, there is something here for everyone. Very strong high school.
I love all the teachers at Notre Dame. They are always willing to spend their time in order to help their students. The students are friendly and the academics are great. I am always challenged in my classes but they are not unreasonably difficult. Notre Dame also has a bunch of before and after school clubs and activities. Most students are in at least one, if not more, club, activity, or sport. Notre Dame offers a unique experience for every student that attends. Notre Dame also provides every student a bunch of opportunities to expand our faith. Overall, I am so glad my parents sent me to Notre Dame and couldn't see myself anywhere else.
Good school. In an old building, so could be more up to date. A lot of good staff that are willing to help you. The resources are good, but could be updated. Overall the experience there was good. School is very involved in sports, clubs, and other activities.
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I have gone to PND the last four years of high school. The overall experience was okay, I guess. Some of the teachers you'll have are great while some don't meet that criteria by a long shot. The cafeteria food is alright. The student life is great if you are outgoing. I am not and it is sort of annoying. This school is outgoing, so if you're not, then you might have a rough time here. Everyone is involved (for the most part) and if you're not, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. When it comes to ACT/SAT and college readiness, I think it does a decent job. The school isn't all that diverse. It is mainly white kids mixed with some foreign/non-white kids. Overall, it's not a bad school. You just have to be the right kind of outgoing person to actually get the most out of it.
This is a great school that prepares you well for college. It has a variety of honors classes and dual credit classes to take.
The one to one program with the Macbooks is a great resource for every student. The academics are very challenging. On average, I have about 4 hours of homework a night. Some teachers assign a large quantity of homework while others assign none. While some teachers at the school are phenomenal, some are not. This effects a student's GPA and class rank which, in part, effects college applications. The religious aspect of the school is a great part of being a student. Religion is an overpowering aspect of the school and I feel it has taken over many things at the school which takes away from the traditional high school experience.
Peoria Notre Dame is an excellent Catholic high school with a welcoming environment and unique learning style. Daily Mass is offered for those interested, and an all-school Mass is held once a month. Confession is always available, and there is a wonderful Campus Ministry that offers a variety of clubs and activities (including the March for Life and a mission trip to Florida) to grow closer to the Faith in. Notre Dame has a welcoming environment, and there are countless ways for students to get involved and meet new people. With all of Notre Dame’s clubs, sports, and activities, there is something for everyone. To enhance education, every student at Notre Dame is given his or her own Apple laptop for coursework. This integration of technology into the students’ academics helps to prepare them for the technology they will be using later in life in college and their careers. Notre Dame also operates trimesters, so students are able to take more classes than those with semesters.
Overall I think it is a good school academically (atleast when I attended). If you want to be challeneged, then you should try to get into the honors or AP classes, otherwise there are a lot of distractions in the regular or modified classes. Culturally/ diversity wise I would give the school 0 stars, if I could, because the students and even some teachers make inappropriate racial comments and tend to exclude people of color who do not fit in with the whiteness of the school. Many POCs who left the school did so because of this reason. Basically you have to learn how to fit in if you want tk have friends at this school. It was a good school when I went there, but my siblings had a much different experience because some of the excellent teachers left and the students became more "stuck-up" and exclusionary over the years.
PND was great about helping me catch up on work when I was out of class to take care of my health. Some of the atmosphere is very elitist and "better than you," but you can't get a more rigorous education in Peoria.
My time at Peoria Notre Dame prepared me for college courses very thoroughly, however even though it is a catholic school, the administration put more focus on religion than academics.
Great high school. Teachers, students and overall environment were welcoming, challenging and truly prepare you for college.
PND has prepared me well for some areas of study, such as literature and history. I don't feel prepared for math or science one bit. The praise a lot of students, but not all. Even though it is a Catholic school some people don't act Catholic, which bothers me.
Peoria Notre Dame, formally known as Bergan, Academy of our Lady, and Spalding Institute is one of Peoria’s oldest Catholic private school. It was opened in 1863 and since then has given so many people, including myself and my family an amazing education. As a college preparatory school the courses were rigorous and the teachers expected a lot. This school, however, made me realize how important it is to maintain good grades so that I could go to college. PND is an amazing school that has helped so many people move on to higher education.
Graduating from Peoria Notre Dame high school was an honor and privilege. I acquired many great skills and my readiness for college was impeccable. The teachers not only taught subjects that made you college ready.
I personally loved Peoria Notre Dame High School. As a child growing up through the public school system, I feel I was able to fully appreciate Notre Dame. The teachers genuinely cared about their students and their success. There was greater attention paid to every student as an individual. I always felt my teachers were encouraging me every step of the way and they truly believed in me. Furthermore, I feel I grew a great amount in my spiritual life. PND does an amazing job of educating students on the Catholic religion, but I never felt pressured into the beliefs or "rules" of the faith. The school just radiated a very caring and successful atmosphere from my perspective. The academics was also far superior to anywhere else in the area. I was extremely well prepared when it came to college.Altogether, I felt very loved, cared for, and safe all four years of high school at Peoria Notre Dame. I loved the school so much.
Behavior in class was good but education was not better than any free public school and teachers did not seem to care much about the students.
I really enjoyed my four years at the Catholic high school. The teachers were devoted and focused on faith as well as academic talent. I wish the facilities were renovated and the science department could use some improvement. However, Charlie Roy was an excellent principal and managed the high school very well.
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Some of the teachers were very devoted and passionate about the subjects they taught. They made it their first priority to ensure students understood the lessons because they were so enthusiastic about teaching them to other people. These teachers were very educated and wise in the subjects they taught. Other teachers, however, were not as passionate about their subjects, and were sometimes oblivious to students' misunderstandings of the lessons they taught. This school does a great job in preparing high-school students for college: Peoria Notre Dame has the highest average ACT scores of all the local high schools. The counselors are especially helpful to juniors and seniors in every step of the college process.
Peoria Notre Dame is an amazing college preparatory high school. Our English/Literature, Mathematics, Theology, and Science departments are great, but our Spanish department is not as strong. I highly recommend Peoria Notre Dame if you are looking for a good college preparatory school.
Academics aren't rigorous enough compared to the Catholicism that is being taught. The level of religiosity undermines the actual teaching and learning because there is a disproportionate amount of focus placed on it. Some teachers are awesome, others are awful, and often they're teaching the same subject, so students with the awesome teacher get better grades and have to work less hard than students with the awful teacher.
Pretty much zero diversity, though there is a program for exchange students to come to the school. Jokes about the Holocaust and people of other races and religions heard commonly throughout the halls and in classrooms. Tuition is higher for students who are non-Catholic.
Every student purchases their own MacBook, and technology is a big part of the classroom. There are a lot of clubs and activities, and it's easy to start a new club. Sports are good, though some facilities could be updated and there are some facilities that other area schools have but we don't.
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