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My overall experience with Peoria High has been very good. Some things that I like there is that the school is very diverse. There is a very minimal to none amount of bullying. There are a lot of clubs and sports you can join, and the feel of the school kind of makes you feel like everyone is family. However the only actually bad thing about the school is that the lunches are absolutely terrible, and almost inedible at times.
I have not received the quality education that's promised everyday. There are things that I should've learned that I will have to catch up on in college. They focus on students that don't want to learn, holding students that do want to learn back. Students they try to get back on track don't care about their education, they show up to fight, cause drama, and socialize. If teachers are constantly babysitting how can they really teach. The discipline is to lenient and they need to crack down on the bad apples of the school. They do have some great teachers there. Its nice to have a person to talk to that will be truthful, give good advice, help you through your struggles and show that they care, Peoria High needs more teachers like them.
My high school years at Peoria high have been filled with excitement and so many great opportunities that some people may not come across. The atmosphere is welcoming and I love everything about the school especially the learning opportunities. The students and facility contributed to my everyday life and I couldn’t ask for anything better.
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Peoria High School is a well diverse school with many cultures and opinions. I would like to see the children take their education seriously however.
Peoria High is a well known school around central Illinois. The positive things about my school is that it offers many different programs. Peoria High offers a fine arts program which is ran by talented experienced teachers in every subject of the arts. Peoria High also offers a very well ran athletic department including the football program which is currently holding state champion. Peoria High’s staff encourages students to go for what they believe in and also helps students understand many different ways of learning and understanding. One thing I would change about Peoria High is the violence. Peoria High does not have the brightest reputation from the past years. If I had the choice, I would change the way security handles events and student crimes. Overall, this is by far one of the most inspiring schools I have attended.
I love Peoria Highschool its maybe one of the best schools in Peoria the staff isn't the best but they make sure the kids have what they need if they can afford it.
Im currently a senior at Peoria High and were about to finsh semester 1!! Over the years I have had my moutain top moments with Peoria High and i also have had my low valley moments. Overall i feel that Peoria High is truly a great school as far as making sure the students that go there are college and career ready and have above the line expectations. The staff truly care about the students and treat them as if the students were thier son and daughters. Every year I have had conflicts with a situation in my life i was able to talk to one of the 150+ adults who were in the building. They always would encourage me to be better and get back on track when i would loose confidence in myself. So i write before you today proud to be a lion!!
Peoria High School is a great school. At Peoria High the teachers care for you and your education. Peoria High is very diverse and accepting I've personally seen very little stereotypical groups while I was attending Peoria High. Peoria High fit its motto "Pride of the City". I am very proud to have attended Peoria High. I will be a very proud Alumni when I graduate in May 2017. Peoria High has shaped me academically and as a person. Peoria High has taught me to be college and career ready and I'm grateful for that preparation.
I loved everything about my high school. The diversity of the student body, set a very warm tone to the atmosphere. I loved being in enriched classes and my teachers were the best and cared for me. I miss being there. If I could go back I would, jk, but my school felt like family.
I think the parents are supportive
I think that there are many of clubs and different activities that kids can engage in.
My overall experience at this school was great because. I got involved in sports and clubs to help make my time here in high school a lot easier and fun. What makes this school unique is the staff,teachers, and students personalities. Also how each one of them support on another. The clubs here are great for students who are student-athletes and non-student athletes because these clubs opens up doors to success. Which makes more students get involve so they can also be successful. My favorite thing to in school was participating in cross-country, track & field, and swimming because. It made me stay out of trouble, become stronger, connected with people, and help me build a name for myself in athletics.
The teachers at this school are incredible when it comes to dealing with students,education, sports, and other activities. All the teachers are easy to talk and understanding in how to help a student that is struggling. Each teacher has their own unique way of teaching but each one of their teaching styles are effective and are easy styles for students to understand whats being taught. The teachers interest in students is one of the top three things that makes the teachers excellent at their job. Their grading is excellent and easy to work with and also understand where the students progress are on the grading scale.
Our school hasn't had a threat so it's hard to say because we never saw it in action. I believe our faculty and security is well prepared for it.
It's a way of bonding with people in the school that we may not know.
My overall experience has been great! Our principal goes above and beyond for us.
We have a large number of staff members and majority of them are really outgoing and caring.
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This school have given me some good things in my high school career. I have learned that there are some teachers who really care about you and that there are some who don't care about you and they are there only for the money. This school is a good choice to go too because they really push you to do what you have to do so you can be successful in life the principal Mr.Elliot is a good person he really tries to connect with the students to try to bring that smart person out of them he really helps the students with a problem and is very reasonable. If i had to chose to go back to this school to be a student again I would do only because there are some teachers there who will actually care about me and help me if I'm in need of some help if its with work,school,home ect. they will help no matter what.
the food isn't tasty at ALL.
the discipline at our school is great. a lot of people don't get away with breaking the rules without getting in trouble.there aren't a lot of detentions but saturday schools make up for that
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