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I love the tradition and the spirit of the school. Peoria High School offer dual enrollment courses, semester long classes, the students are able to do more in their school years. The school have a big open campus which made i feel free, unlike other schools.
I'm very involved in my school, they push you to become your best as well. Also they have anything that u might need help with such as our clinic. And also our study tables after school Tuesday-Thursday after school til 330.
Peoria High is a very Muti- cultural, you will see people from every culture, race, ethnicity, religion, everything. Peoria High takes academics very serious as well as athletics. When you enroll to Peoria High you walk out a better person. I wouldn't change a thing about Peoria High School.
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I really do enjoy Peoria High School. There is so much tradition throughout the campus, teachers, and students. The teachers genuinely care for you, and they teach well. There is plenty of diversity ranging from ethnics to the personalities. Peoria High School feels like a home, and it's certainly a place I want to come back to and one day have my future kids go there. Keeping the tradition alive.
The Peoria High School offers unique programs that help students a lot; Some of these programs/ classes are agriculture science that you can take to get all the science credits you need or the pride club where the LGBTQ students can gather together and talk. Not including all the awesome clubs and sports on our campus. However, Having more clubs for the immigrants would be great because it would give them the chance to make new friends, feel welcomed, and strengthen their language.
Peoria High School overall is a great school. The teachers are very helpful and care for their students. The clubs are very welcoming. Overall it's a great atmosphere to be in.
Peoria is hands down the best. Every teacher I've had has how much they enjoy their job, even through the hard times. They've been some of the most encouraging people I know. Because of thoes teachers, I got super involved with my school's FFA chapter and theatre club. Peoria is very true to their no tolerance policy which really does help make the school feel safe. We could use a few fixer uppers, but for the most part, we have a nice campus. Our principal is so helpful and he supports every club and sport as much as he can. I'm proud to be a Peoria Panther and I hope the new kids every year enjoy it as much as I have.
I love how Peoria provides many opportunities and success for students who all want different things.
This high school is great choice for many students as the teachers are very helpful and want to see their students succeed, Peoria High School also has a great environment which is a environment filled with pride in their students and sports. Although this high school has great teachers and a good environment it does lack some things like resources for students and does deserve an upgrade in their buildings and technology because they are a bit behind in both. Overall the things they lack they make up for with the attention to details their teachers have and the effort they put in every school year to make sure their students recieve the best education possible.
Great school with many caring teachers on campus. A large variety of clubs and sports to get involved in so you can always find something that fits you.
With the upcoming school year I’ll be a senior at Peoria High School, and the years I have been attending there were never bad. Peoria has great teachers, they all have their own way of teaching and getting their points across. The students aren’t an issue, and most participate in the school events that go on.
Awesome fun learning environment with loads of interesting classes and people too meet and it's a really safe school with loads of security and safety features
I liked that it offered various math courses. However, Peoria High offers students a limited amount of ellectives
Peoria High school is the best school my son went to. My son used to go to another school which I didn’t like at all. I moved him to Peoria because he kept begging me, I thought to myself “I hope I don’t regret sending my son to Peoria High. My son graduated 2 years ago and I have never been more proud of my son. He made many friends which I love in the first day. He never had a bad grade. The teachers are wonderful and friendly. They teach very good and won’t give up until your students successful. Bring your child to Peoria today.
I love Peoria High School, I moved to Arizona my freshman year and the overall environment at the school made my transition easier. The teachers truly care about students and the campus is a close community.
I like how there so many opportunities out there so you can get involved. Also, there are a lot of job/ college preparation classes offered which makes us stand out. I wish to see more pride from the students and for them to be more educated on the tradition of the school.
Honestly, it's a fairly mediocre school. No outstanding academics or athletics, some of the teachers are actually pretty great but some are...not so good. All in all, I wouldn't take my child here.
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This is the best high school in the Peoria distract and do not yet any one tell you the opposite. This school's history is the best around and this is the school that every close high school near by should try to complete with.
Peoria high school was a warm and friendly environment with plenty of opportunities to advance your education. With the help of teachers and advisors, I found myself in plenty of extra curricular activities such as wrestling and a Medical Assisting program.
Peoria High school is probably the best high school in the west valley. This school makes sure all students are healthy, on top of their classes, and actually cares about there's students.
One thing Peoria can do differently is maybe fix scheduling doing testing weeks.
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