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Peoria Heights High School is a small school. It is a strong school that does what it can with it's size. It has extra opportunities due to its size, but it also has its problems. There are very limited classes and few resources. Many of the teachers, especially in the english in math department, display political and gender biases that coincide with a liberal agenda. The administration of the school is strong but submissive to the teachers more than the needs of the students. The school has the charm and spirit of a small town, and it is great to grow at, but do not expect the strongest academics. The school is very unsafe in terms of updated safety mechanisms. There are limited classes and few academic resources. Overall, the school is good, but it has many problems to overcome.
I have gone to Peoria Heights High School my entire high school career. The structure of the building is very unusual and odd, but i have grown to like it. I have learned to focus although noises are around me, and i have had the ability to talk to everyone at my school because of the smaller size. Also, due to the small size, i have had the chance to go to many different things and be apart of many different organizations and groups.
The school has very high safety measures. I have never felt unsafe at this school. We have a school cop on seen and random school checks to make sure alarms are working effectively.
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The most popular or fun option at Peoria Heights include men's basketball. Everyone like to attend the event since the team is competitive. The fans show great support which makes the team want to try harder out on the court.
This school is very unique because most of the building is open. It helps students learn how to cope with noise when trying to study or take a test. This school is also unique because most of the alumni come to the school events so it makes the students participating feel like people actually care and want to see them perform.
The teachers are very approachable and easy to talk to. They are understanding and listen very well. I feel like I can tell them anything and I know what I tell them will be safe and secure. The teachers have a very high understanding of each of their subject as well. Their teaching styles are incorporated into their subjects everyday so the students are able to know what is going on in the classroom and not feel lost. The teachers also use effective communication skills by not moving onto a different topic until the student understands what is being talked about. The teachers also at this school grade the assignments effectively and on time so students know exactly what their grades are in that classroom. As a student at Peoria Heights, I can admit that the students are all very interested in the subjects they learn each day.
Being involved made it easy. Clubs and groups are key. Holding a position or being involved in any of the following will make the overall experience here very enjoyable; Key Club, Student Council, Sports (all around), Leadership Academy, and Journalism.
Mr Smith, great teacher and coach. He is the best.
The academics are great, and the teachers are knowledgable. We have won scholastic bowl a lot.
All of the extra curriculars are fun.
All of the teachers are very outgoing and helpful in trying to assist a student.
It is like all the other high schools around the area. They bring in recruiters for colleges and the armed forces.
The diversity is great. There are a lot of accepting people there
The school is pretty safe. There is almost always a police officer present or nearby. There is little violence; when there is, it's usually just a fistfight between two people who planned to fight each other. Drugs aren't a real issue. Marijuana is pretty common but it isn't pushed on anyone.
We don't have any clubs besides Key Club. Any after school options available are sports, which the school is very supportive of.
This is a very small school, so we don't have a lot of resources. There are computer labs with any programs you might need, but nothing specialty level. We have "college prep" classes, but I've never felt challenged by them. Other people have; people just learn differently.
The food is decent, but not great. A lot of flavor is lacking, but it's enough if you aren't picky.
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Basketball is our main sport. Our football team is historically lacking. Our other teams do average. No specialty sports like swimming or tennis are offered. I would say the opportunity for our teams to be very good is there--we have good facilities and coaches--but the effort and ability is not present.
Average classes are offered--nothing too challenging. There are a couple of teachers that focus on challenging students, but for the most part I would say that we're expected to just get by. There are not many opportunities to display any talent. Our extracurricular activities are lacking. Workload is minimal. I have only had to take work home a couple of times over my four years.
I would say that my school is overwhelmingly average. We're very small, but everything is as stereotypical as it gets. People are pretty close--it's easy to know everyone--but the curriculum is not challenging and we aren't given many opportunities.
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