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Loved the small class size and personal attention and care from teachers. Loved the variety of extra-curricular experiences. Appreciated the loving Christ-centered focus.
Pretty average school. However, I wish it offered more of a variety of classes. The people there are usually very nice. I’ve met a lot of friendly people there and made a lot of close friends.
The schools program can be as rigorous or as relaxed as you choose it to be, and although I enjoyed my time there the recent loss of many beloved teacher the overall level of enjoyment fell off towards the end of schooling.
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I love the teachers, but I found that the overall education wasn't really worth what my parents paid.
Good Christian environment. Staff truly willing to help. Easy to find homework help with other teachers. Some administration is not the best. Sports are fun. Not many facilities for sports.
The teachers really cared about the students and how they performed in class. Not only were they concerned about their students' grades and how they did academically, they cared about the students' walk with Christ above anything else.
- food is okay
- school building is cozy

- poor math and science department
- effortless teachers
- low quality AP courses
- atypical grading scale
- favoritism over faculties' children
- lack of parking space
- strict dress code
I learn much more about life outside of school. They used to get things right but that is no more. Parents expect students to receive lifelong skills to keep faith in Jesus from PCS, not happening here. Campus is safe, but there have been some incidents on the parking lot for the last few years.
What I like about Peoria Christian School the most is the ability to worship freely with no judgement; to be able to express your faith with no fear, and that the school teaches you how to proclaim your faith without being ashamed.
Peoria Christian School deserves no star. Most of the teachers are horrible with grading their tests and quizzes (they use a full month to grade tests/two weeks for grading homework), teaching, and keeping the class calm. EVERYTHING is in disorder. Only new teachers lead the school with ambition. Please do not call this school conservative because they are not! Instead, use the word STUCK. As a senior, I regret making my parents pay money for this school.

There are better schools to attend in the greater Peoria area (Dunlap HS, Richwoods HS, Notre Dame HS etc.). Please do not choose this school to send your children because they will be leaving this school after their first/second year just like many of my classmates did.
I transferred to PCS as a junior. The environment of the students was welcoming from the Christian aspect but lacking as far as minorities were concerned. It was also supposed to be made apparent that even though this is a Christian institution, to adopt the religion would not be forced on anyone, but it was. People were punished for having different views or practicing their truths in an unconventional, Christian manner.
Several teachers and administrative heads are terrible and encouraging of the students. I truly felt that many of the teachers had little to no compassion for the students. The staff also became very petty at the end of the year. to the point of actively searching for those slightly ou the of dress code. Not a nurturing environment. Poor math department. would not attend again
PCS is a great school. Children are taught by people with good values and morals!

PCS continues to strive to help each student grow in this world with the knowledge that they are a child of God and an important part of God's great plan. Often children begin the day and the class by praying. Every course is taught with a biblical worldview that will shape their view for the rest of their lives.

I would highly recommend PCS for your child!
Considering the fact that this school is a Christian school and a private school, it is not worth the money. Majority of the teachers do not respect the students nor they teach well.

Good for making some decent friendship but if you are planning to attend college, not for you. Course selection is limited.

Too conservative. They get rid of all the good aspects and make them worse.
Some of the faculty members do not seem like they are true believers of Christ.

I guess the parents who send their children here are either ignorant or lazy to find other schools.
I enjoyed it. Going there for 3 years, making new friends and getting to know the teachers. Knowing some that really cared about you and tried to reach out to get a better understanding.
I liked the school's yearly schedule, including the Mini-Term before spring break and the Life Change Week which is a spiritual week that is held during January. But the school needs more options in terms of course selection.
Having been a student who has studied at both PCS and overseas, I can honestly say that there is bo place I'd rather go to school than here. While every school as its faults, and this one is no different, the student-faculty dynamic is what makes this school special. I feel cared for and open to talk with probably 90% of the staff members. The academics are challenging and have prepared me for college. I will be attending Purdue University and I could not feel more prepared. This school is spiritually active and wants to see its students succeed. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. High school is what you make it. Once a Charger, always a Charger!
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I wish there was more of a variety.
The atmosphere of this school is simply amazing.
Some teachers, not all, can come off very judging and abrasive. The ones who care about their students succeeding though, you can definitely tell.
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