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The teachers are very invested in their students and passionate about their subjects. Many of the students, however, are apathetic about their studies.
It is Christian oriented, which is good. However, some teachers are not the best and they seem to not use money well.
It did prepare me for college, as they consider themselves a college preparatory school, yet they did not have the type of dual-credit and AP availability due to the small size of the school. Everything else was enjoyable, I was involved in almost everything, so I got my money's worth. Yeah, it cost money to go there.
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It's a great place to foster relationships with other students, and get to know faculty face to face.
Most of the teachers were good, but some were jerks. The administration doesn't have any respect for you, and they just want your money.
Most of the teachers are good and care about the students. However, my experience with students was very poor and was the opposite of what going to a ‘Christian’ school should be like.
I have attended PCS my entire life. While I have learned a lot outside of PCS, the school has helped me find my career path, prepare me for college, and help me develop in my character. I am enrolled in online college classes now, and I feel more than prepared for them because of the academic level at PCS. I have made lifelong friends there, as well as developing my own spiritual life. If I had not gone to PCS, I would be a very different person.
Terrible terrible faculty, especially Angie Lyons.
She is perhaps the worst faculty member PCS has ever had.
Under her leadership, the student body as PCS has gone from 1000 to half that in its current state.
Used to have good teachers like Klint Gerber and Acord, but they left(and rightfully so).
Terrible academics as well that doesn't prepare for a 4-year college.
I feel very privileged to go to Peoria Christian. This school challenges me in a good way. All the kids that go there are very respectful and kind to others. The staff there is absolutely amazing!! I feel so safe and loved there.
I love the sense of community at the school and would definitely recommend it to all students. The teachers help the students to the best of their ability and it is invaluable.
Peoria Christian School offers great academic options. They offer many dual credit classes, AP classes, and Honors programs. Peoria Christian does a good job preparing it's students for college programs. They also have a unique schedule that offers diversity and gives students more freedom and responsibility day to day.
I have gone to Peoria Christian School since I was in Pre-School. It offers amazing education and resources to each student. I believe that this school has prepared me for college and my future.
Loved the small class size and personal attention and care from teachers. Loved the variety of extra-curricular experiences. Appreciated the loving Christ-centered focus.
Pretty average school. However, I wish it offered more of a variety of classes. The people there are usually very nice. I’ve met a lot of friendly people there and made a lot of close friends.
The schools program can be as rigorous or as relaxed as you choose it to be, and although I enjoyed my time there the recent loss of many beloved teacher the overall level of enjoyment fell off towards the end of schooling.
I love the teachers, but I found that the overall education wasn't really worth what my parents paid.
Good Christian environment. Staff truly willing to help. Easy to find homework help with other teachers. Some administration is not the best. Sports are fun. Not many facilities for sports.
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The teachers really cared about the students and how they performed in class. Not only were they concerned about their students' grades and how they did academically, they cared about the students' walk with Christ above anything else.
- food is okay
- school building is cozy

- poor math and science department
- effortless teachers
- low quality AP courses
- atypical grading scale
- favoritism over faculties' children
- lack of parking space
- strict dress code
I learn much more about life outside of school. They used to get things right but that is no more. Parents expect students to receive lifelong skills to keep faith in Jesus from PCS, not happening here. Campus is safe, but there have been some incidents on the parking lot for the last few years.
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