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Peoria Accelerated High School Reviews

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I Like How It's less stressful then other schools, but they can change their college readiness and how they prepare you for the next level.
I loved attending this school, it helped prepare me for college my senior year. I'd like to see the lack of sports come back within the school.
School accepted all students. Students that need second or third chances at improving their graduating chances. Several online classes that were extremely easy. Missing school didn't ruin your grades. As long as you did good on your tests and homework teachers would let you be.
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The teachers make academics a priority on your behalf, the school also gives Friday's to come in and do work and keep a good attendance.
By far one of the greatest charter schools, My experience was like no other the people are very nice nonjudgmental as well as the staff very easy to get along with people there. The teacher and staff really motivated and helped students to pursue their goal they really pushed students to graduate, come to school and get their grades up, do their work and starting think about their future after high school. I love the fact that students get an opportunity to graduate at a faster pace and take college classes that are very useful for college. Peoria Accelerated High School offers many opportunities some many not know about. It was a great experience for me I only just wish that they offered sports like they used to that would be much more convenient for students to get involved besides the clubs that are already being offered. !
Loved the teachers and the speed of the classes. Everyone was friendly even though I was almost stabbed once and the girl who tried to do it ended up working in the office and the principal only said, "Well, you know, she is sorry."
Some can teach well others notso much
This school doesn't have sports anymore, they have extracurricular activities but the student don't really participate. Students mostly attend the clubs or after school activities. Its a very small school so there isn't much to choose from. The student who participate more tend to do better academically wise.
My experience at this school was okay, it would be better if the students were more serious academically and participated in school activities more. They have after school programs, spirit weeks, and field trips but students don't participate. I really liked this school just because it's smaller and the teacher engage with the student more. I just wish there were more activities and student participated.
The teachers at Peoria Accelerated High School for the most part are great. They try to help students individually, offer after school tutoring, time to make up work, and reteach lessons on Friday to students who missed school or didn't understand the lesson when it was taught. They try to incorporate technology as much as possible and assign group or partner projects to get students to understand more. They also change seating arrangements throughout the year to get you met and socialize with other people. Usually the assign your seat next to someone who can help you or someone who you can help.

The students give the teachers a hard time but they handle it well, they talk to them individually and still give the students opportunities to correct their actions. They never give up on students, even to the students who slack off and don't really pay attention. The teacher do their best to encourage students to do their work and graduate.
I think its one of the safest campuses ever
Every time I was happy to participate in gym
Its a good chance to commit you to education focus
the teaching staff is a great faculty for students
The teachers here are very helpful and knowledgeable. They care for the students education and will give help out of their time to further educate the students. Every teacher has their own way of teaching but they do understand that not everybody learns the same and they will even mix it up sometimes so everybody is understanding the material that is given to them.
Peoria Accelerated High School gives the opportunity of dual enrollment. Students are able to take a college credit courses with no cost at Trine university.
Peoria Accelerated High School provides students with pathways to success in a safe and nurturing small school environment. Marcus Englund has been the principle of this school since 2006. He has held positions of assistant school leader, athletic director, social studies department chair, teacher, and coach. Students seem to have a good connection with Mr. Englund as he is very well involved with the students education.
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The teachers are great! They know how to handle things appropriately and their understanding. They're always willing to help. The teachers try their best to encorporate different ways of learning such as hands on or on laptops. They try to make it fun and upbeat. They're good at what they do and they love what they do.
The staff here makes me feel at home
The school is great it makes you fell more of a more lovable place.
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