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A very welcoming school filled with great students and teachers. I actually somewhat like going to school because of the great environment that the school gives off.
As a student going to Peoples Academy, I enjoyed the relationship that a student was able to develop with the teacher. You weren't just another face in the class, but rather the teacher took the time to get to know you.
The teacher-student interactions are great for the most part. There are only a couple of teachers that don't appreciate student connections. some of the best teachers are retiring this year (2018). Most of the students get along pretty well the only people that the students don't really get along with are the people who moved here that are city folk that have liberal views and that alo think that they are the center of the universe. The school lunches used to be good until Michelle Obama encouraged the healthy school lunch program. Also, the proficiency-based learning is very inefficient and hard to understand for both parents and students.
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The people and teachers are great, everyone is willing to help you. There are many opportunities available if you are willing to reach out about them. However, it is a very small school which can put you at a disadvantage
Besides the typical immature behavior and dramatic involvement that commonly comes from teenagers, Peoples Academy is a great school. There's always going to be something to complain about, mostly because people are so opinionated now. My only complaint would be the classes, but that's not a problem with Peoples Academy, it's a problem with the educational system as a whole.
Peoples Academy is a nice school but like many other schools it struggles with social biases and bullying. It is very acceptive of the LGBTQ community and offers a large array of support for those who are so but tend to struggle in supporting the average student. They offer a large amount of classes but their arts department is lacking, they prefer to teach STEM students so if you are artistic you have to go into dual enrollment to pursue your passion. Their Guidance office is unorganized and they struggle to effectively support seniors heading of to college find colleges that teach their passion and find financial aid. It is a great school for the average student but if you struggle with disabilities or are different than what is expected of a student you are bound to have difficulties. Overall it is perfect for the average student.
It's great, nice people, cool building. Proficiency based learning is not really working and administration has no idea how they're implementing it during the school year.
I've had overall good experiences except for the academics are a little poor. The teachers themselves are good but just the stuff they teach or try to teach is sometimes poor. I personally started college a year early instead of finishing my senior year just so I could get out of People's. If the teachers were more intense about academics I feel like the school would be looked at in a completely different way.
Peoples Academy is a great school filled with great students and enthusiastic teachers. They have a great support system in seeking the best for their students. The sports are a great way to get more involved with the school and students. It is a great way to also get connected with the community by getting involved with community events by showing wolf pride. I am very happy that I graduated from Peoples Academy. They really helped me prepare myself for college. There are a few problems with bullying but you always have the option in helping out getting involved with student leadership, sports, and other clubs that they offer. What I loved was ghost hunting with Mr. Chilton. He was always a blast to see and have as a teacher.
Some teachers are good, some are bad. It all depends on student taste and preferences.
Love this school. It feels like one big family
The teachers here are amazing, in my opinion. My teachers push me to be my best and are always there if I need help. I've made great connections.
It was a nice school to attend but there was a lot of problems with drugs and obesity
I never got into too much trouble at school, they seem to handle things very fair
They have pretty nice facilites and sports fields for athletes
The teachers cared about all students academic progress and were always helpful
I did not participate in many clubs, but I did enjoy Latin club
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I am now in college pursuing a bachelors degree in nursing and health science
The guidance counselors are fantastic, they have gotten me to where I am today. However, the principal doesn't seem very caring about the students. The biggest problem with Peoples Academy is the lack of discipline. The classrooms are very loud and it makes it hard to even think.
The food has made an improvement over the years. A new chef has been running the kitchen, and introducing as much local grown food as possible. The quality has improved significantly.
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